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sudden acne,irritated, all over face

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Are you still around?

Have you read on acne + digestive system? try that route...just see what you think.

Ive never had bad acne until i had a pancreaus attac (a major part of the digestive system)

Most docters on my adventure cant say where it comes from. I went to an allergies...focaused on my digestive system post stress of attack. liver enzimes still high (digestive sytem off balance)

I truly believe that it has to do with my digestive system. Wether its stress, toxins, constipation, hormones its all connected. (I say hormones too because when your dig system is connected with your brain that send messages in form of a hormone). Its not a big complicated mystery. its all thier, connected, working together. In other words, its NOT what your using on your FACE my sista. its on the inside, and dont let that scare you it IS a journey with LOTS of realistic hope. The body HEALS! thankgod. your skin is bad and you (we !) deserve beautiful skin because it is our health). When you see your skin get irritated by products itsbacuse its going through this and its even more sensitive. OUr skin needs the opposite of all thsose things people put ON it. Ive been there...i knew i would find that product!! Ha the skin hates me more and says let me LIVE!

Anyways i really really wish you the best. Acne really took a turn for it for, actual lika BOO out of no where. from good to bad at the age of 30 for me. right after my incident with my digestive system. I know im onto something.

One thing I have learned on my quest of finding the PREVENTION of my acne (as apposed to the treatment) would be -paying attention to where i get my information. I make sure its not yahoo or even...ha...random people. EHOW is the best. places like that, and other have a good reputation of just educating the FACTS and leaving you to put the puzzel pieces together. the discoveries. Learn how the digestive sytem works step one. Something simply put...Ehow is a good choice. Iam wonder how the digestive system and immune system "dance" together?

i hope your doing well. hope you get this


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