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i was just curious as to how you treat your acne? (what supplements you take, etc)

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Well, I incorporated various things from this board and from my own research. I'm middle of the road when it comes to the natural vs. medical in treating. I believe that acne is caused by hormones ultimately and everything else that happens like inflammation, excess sebum, improper shedding, badly functioning organs, etc.. all are the result of screwed up hormones. I also won't touch antibiotics or harsh things like accutane. It's not worth it to me.

Now after trying everything but the liver flush and prescription drugs(I tried a few things not on this board as well) I have come up with two ways of preventing acne and now I'm clear. The first involves many suppliments and the second is more of a lifestyle change. I thank Sweetjade and another poster for explaining the role of hormones so clearly in various posts.


I used the Ultra Omega Fish Oil(a capful a day which is a little over 1tbsp). This I do with both ways.

I also take 500mg-1g of Vit C a day on both regemins.

With the first one I also take 500ug of chromium Picolate with 400mg of vitamin E and 250mg of magnesium each morning. I take this wiht the fish oil and some cottage cheese or natural yogurt.

After supper I take 50mg of zinc citrate(not the best I know).

I also take fresh ginger and enzymes before each meal. At bedtime I eat a clove of Garlic and take some olive leaf.

INthe mornings I wash with papaya soap, and then use a DDF glycolic toner. At night I use neem soap, followed by lemon juice straight, and then 36% tea tree oil.

Now the other regemin.

I made up my own niacimide gel(sp?) and this has literally turned my skin around in a few days. I use lily of hte desert aloe gel at 99.8% pure and I put in 4-7%(I'm not that specific) of niacimide powder(from capsules). I use about 1oz. aloe to 2.5 500mg capsules. I mix this in a steralized film canister and put it in the fridge.

In the morning I wash with a 10% sulphur and 3%SA soap. I let that sit for a few minutes and then I put on Nuetrogena moisturizer with SA and retinol(very little like half a pea sized for my whole face). The neutragena is optional if you can handle it. I find that it doesn't make much of a difference except when I'm at work and I get dirt on my face.

At night I wash with the sulphur soap and then put a medium layer of the niacimide gel on my face and let dry. If I want I put on some Tea tree oil 36% for spots only.

Now for suppliments as I said above I use 500mg-1g of C, and a capful of fish oil. Sometimes I will use 50mg of zinc and I always take 250mg of Magnesium.

As for diet, it is the same for both. No refined carbs if I can help it(95% of the time I don't eat them). I drink milk occasionaly but moreso yogurt and cottage cheese with the fish oil.

I don't take in excess sugar at one time. The thing about the GI table is that it is using only 50g as a comparison over 2 hours. So if you eat or drink other things that are low on the GI scale, even water, it brings the GI down. Protein does this and so does fiber. I eat tons of both so I have no problem there.

As for meats I eat lot's of lean beef(really lean and wild grass fed as my aunt owns a ranch which amkes the meat high in omega 3). I eat tons of turkey and chicken. I eat wild fish whenever I can.

The most important thing about my diet is moderation. If I want a piece of cake I'll eat it, just not 4 pieces. If I don't worry so damn much I don't get pimples.

I eat tons of 12 grain bread, wild and brown rice, peanut butter, and basically everything else some peopel here demonize(yet is still healthy).

I love almonds and eat tons.

I keep 100% away from trans fats, limit omega 6 fats and cut out most saturated fats. As far as cholesterol goes, theres a difference between blood cholesterola nd food cholesterol. Do a google search for it. Some people get these confused.

I drink 12 glasses of water a day minimum, as well as 1/2oz. of aloe(or a chug it's not really improtant how much).

Now the other important thing. I exercise tons. Cardio(swimming), weightlifting, various outdoor activities(snowboard and luge in the winter). I used to not be active in my first years of college and I paid the price in acne. I feel so much better now. People say they exercise and that they still have pimples but they don't really exercise everyday(plus they rub the sweat on their faces, use dirty towels, etc...). If you have mild to low-moderate acne exercise can do wonders.

I'd also like to add that I drink ocasionaly as well. I love red wine(shiraz). I also like dark beers and straight liqors like rum and scotch. I have on average 1 drink a day.

I am also calm now. Before i was so nervous and agitated that I though I had that condition with sweaty palms, but it was just my nerves. I went to and ordered some CD's after seeing the science behind it on the discovery channel. These tapes literally changed my way of thinking. I won't go into the details but I found hte stress free one(the MP3 is free on their site) helped me the most.

I also just got out my last metal filling and have finished my 3 weeks of cilantro to get the heavy metals out. This has helped my healing tremendously. My redmarks are now almost gone(although the middles are very dark).

The last thing and one of the most helpful is the kombucha tea. I have been using this for 3 weeks and it has gave me so much energy. I am refreshed in the mornings, I sleep better, my moods are better, etc... The squint lines around my eyes are now gone and my eyes are whiter(I think this is the high amounts of certain acids that livers use to repair themselves within the tea, gluconic acid or something).

A few other things that I used to use that were really helpful but I only use a few times a month as maintenance.

Chickpea mask. Just take some cheakpea or gram flour and make a mask. Over the long run(a month) this was all some needed to get clear.

Queen Helenes Mint or B.C. glacial clay(the best clay in the world). Detoxifies and sucks out hte blackheads.

Of the two I recommend the second. I know this seems like a lot but it really isn't. Instead of watching an episode of the Simpsons I workout and do some cardio. Instead of pop I drink water. I always drank tea so the kombucha isn't much of a change and it's perpetual.

If I slack off on the vitamins I don't get pimples becuase I get it from my diet.

The topicals takes 2 min. in the morning and night. The food I eat is much healthier. I eat a lot of nuts and extra virgin olive oil with my salads which ups the calories considerably and helps me keep my weight on( guess you can say I eat a medditeranean diet except for the lamb, which I substitute for other meats). I eat tons of veggies and fruits. If I know I'm really gouing to be active I can splurge on sugar as I am using it up fast(snickers bars are low GI). The purging of the heavy metals by cilantro is accepted by all doctors around the world. It's also common sense to remove your metal fillings as new metal fillings are now being banned from all industrialized nations(even the US by 2006).

Most importantly I enjoy life now and I don't worry. The tapes helped me a lot and so did the exercise. I enjoy the foods I eat now. The alcohol actually helped me lower my cholesterol considerably(the doctor said it didn't matter what I drank either as a good beer a glass of red wine or a shot of something like rum all lowers cholesterol). Again everything in moderation, if I eat somethign bad I don't care I just don't do it in excess and keep my diet to 95% healthy things. I don't believe that gleuten is the enemy for everyone just like milk doesn't affect 90% of the people from european descent. The answer for most lies in the middle. PLus this change has brought on much more positive results in other more vital areas of my body than my face. My nervous system is much more stabalized, I can think clearer, my heart is healthier and so is my lungs. I don't know but i imagine by my current physical state that my kidneys and liver is doing great as well.

There you have it. Sorry if some of my ideas seem scattered or incoherent, I'm in a hurry(relatively) and didn't plan on writing the book I just did. Any more questions feel free to ask.

Oh ya, I'd like to add that I don't drink much when I'm eating or for about an hour after a big meal(except for red wine and maybe a little water to wash it down). I think you're to thank for this.

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wow!!! thank you so much for taking the time to answer smile.gif im definitely going to try some of the things you do, seems very healthy, yet not too terribly drastic... thanks so much again! smile.gif

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