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Pantothen rip off tablets

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First off - I don't question the effectiveness of Pantothenic Acid / Vitamin B5.

However, this company marketing 'Pantothen' needs to go down for very deceptive business practices, and basically selling a simple vitamin complex for probably triple market value.

My story:

1. Ordered product from website Was immediately sent an email, giving an order number, with comment 'Your credit card statement will list your order as NATHANS NATURAL'. Not true. Was billed "70013 Purchase 206-203-3130 NYUS". Order status email said package would ship USPS with delivery confirmation, with delivery expected within 4-5 business days.

2. Having ordered around 11:50pm, was very surprised to get an email ten minutes after my order confirmation email, announcing "Your order has been updated to the following status: Shipped". That's just too fast. delivery confirmation number.

3. Went back on the website to "track my order". Surprise, Surprise. They cannot find it. (yeah - right).

4. Emailed a reply to my order status message. It bounced back to me undeliverable.

5. Called Nathans Natural (you know - the company the order status email claimed was billing me) They never heard of my order. They said to call the number on the pantothen website. They never heard of my order either. They took my name, email, phone number, order number. Said someone would call or email within 24 hours. That was three weeks ago.

6. Looked up the domain registrar of It is Nathan Felder. The same person holds the registration of Nathans Natural. Emailed him and said I needed a tracking number within 24 hours, or I was declaring fraud.

7. Received a form letter response from saying the delivery of the order was "100% guaranteed", and I could ask for a refund after "delay in delivery of 30 days". Wait...but you said earlier that delivery was expected in 4-5 business days, and would have a tracking number, right...? They also said they needed to know the "order placement date", but that info was provided already.

8. I filed a complaint with and declared fraud with my credit card company, and let Nathan Felder know I did it. I then cancelled my credit card.

9. A week after my filing, I receive another email - this time from This is basically a resending of their form letter about how they guarantee delivery, but they will refund me after 30 days if I don't get delivery. And still no tracking number. Though the email originates from a new domain "", the message is signed

Pantothen Customer Service Team



Nathans Natural LLC

10. Completely BLOWING ME AWAY, on Feb 8 I actually took DELIVERY OF PRODUCT, finding out I had just purchased 120 tablets of something I could get at my local GNC.

11. The pantothen web site is hosted in Dallas, Texas. The phone support sounded like it was located in India. The emails I received originated from Australia. Nathan Felder lists his location as New York in the domain registration. Their web site says they process refunds through an address in Traverse City MI. The product was internationally shipped from Sweden. The return address is in Bedford, UK. They do business as Panthothen...wait, I mean Nathans Natural...wait, I mean Nuvoryn.

Shady, shady, shady!

Run away!

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I found Pantothen through reviews on youtube, and since all are good I decided to give it a whirl. The day which I first started taking it was the day my period was due. I didn't get my period for a couple of days and I assumed it must of been late, never considering that these 'all natural acne miracle pills' could mess around with my hormones and stop my period completely. ( There is no way I am pregnant, and I had not lost or gained much weight nor had a dramatic change in exercise or environment.) On day 20 of taking these pills and not having my period, I decided to stop taking Pantothen. Funnily enough, the very next day my period came. Coincidence? I think not.

I would just like to warn everyone thinking or using Pantothen. STOP TAKING IT. Even if it is clearing up your acne, Pantothen has ingredients in it which are clearly not labelled, so who knows what else they could have put in it? If you are taking these because you don't want to go on the pill, do not take them. I can guarantee to you that they are far worse.

Something that also shocked me was how unsecure these pills were when I opened them. All they had was a plastic piece surrounding the lid, and a bit of foam inside. Pantothen also never came with in-depth instructions, a list of side effects and what they contain, other than the small list on the actual container.

I wish I never had taken these pills, and I hope this review stops people from taking them and putting unsaid things/hormones into their bodies.

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Just thought Id share my experience using patothen tablets (nathans naturals) , I've used everything from normal clean and clear products to salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide and these never worked , in some cases it made my skin worse. Though I have been taking patothen tablets for just under 2 weeks and my skin looks decent for once. I also haven't experienced any dryness or pain. If you feel the tablets aren't working give it time , as my friend had to take the tablets for 2 months before her skin really started to clear. But luckily for me its worked quite quickly, I have been using the new clean and clear advantage daily scrub and think this has helped the tablets.

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In case anyone is still having refund troubles, dispute the charge with your credit card company (or PayPal if you used them). I had my refund from a different shady company within a week when I did this.




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