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Hydro Colon, how many treatments?

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I found a place in ym are that does hydro colon therapy, which is basically a colonic. Its quite pricey though, 80 bucks a treatment. Im not sure whether i shoulddo ceveral treatments or quit after the first one. I mean, even though id do justone, itd still be a good first step to start with a proper bowel cleanse right? Do yuo think after i had my first colonic, i should continue with the liverflush immediately or hang on with the ph shakes for a few weeks to clear out the bowels all the way.and you know i mean almost in every sort of therapy they put that it could get you rid of skin diseases but how effective does this actually work for your skin, has anyone tried it before, if so how many treatments did you do and oh is it painfull. thanks

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