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My progress of BHA and benzoyl peroxide

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So after 3 years of using proactiv consistently i have started to get alot of noninflamed acne(closed comedones) they're really annoying. I read this acne board and find stuff about BHA green cream and mandelic acid. I tried mandelic acid for a week and it seems to help but i am too impatient to wait, plus its kind of expensive, and its out of stock on Diana Yvonne too.

I started using Paula CHoice's BHA today. This is my routine:


remove makeup

wash face with clarisonic and purity made simple

wash face with proactiv bp cleanser

clinique eye cream

PC's 2% BHA gel

proactiv bp treatment

clinique moisture surge moisturizer

Day 1: I think i applied too much. I applied it for 30 minutes and my skin have a shiny film, but it kind of looks healthy. Idk its only been 30 minutes lol, u might have notice that im a little bit impatient.

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