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Can too much beta carotene mimick the effects of accutane?

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Basically Ive been going a little crazy with the beta carotene lately, eating loads of carrots......anyway its got to the point where my skin has a slightly orange tinge and my body is definately overloaded with beta carotene.

My skin has definately been a bit clearer recently despite my diet not being all too great. Ive also started experiencing some weird accutane-esque side effect symptoms

1. My back will ache for no reason from time to time (I used to get back ache real bad when I was on tane).

2. Ive started flushing quite easily, similar to how I used to back when I was on tane.

3. Facial skin seems to be flakier than usual

4. Facial skin also seems to be redder than usual.

5. Lastly my scalp has developed a bit of seborrheic dermatitis, although Ive recently stopped using shampoo so that could explain that.

So can too much beta carotene in the body mimick the effects of accutane? I kind of feel like im on a really low dose of tane at the moment, although it seems milder.

I know that my body is basically getting as much vitamin A that it needs since Ive got so much beta carotene floating around, so I guess the real question is, can a high (but safe) amount of vitamin A mimick accutane side effects?

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tried it and the answer is no.

but riboflavin supposedly has a major role in retinoic acid production.

so get your vitamin a(retinol) RDA only, no overdoses, and riboflavin.

that info is basically a given though, i realize there is nothing fancy about this recomendation.

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#1.critical nutritional issues- b12(three forms exist), Calcium(yogurt, cheese or calcium phosphate supps) and vitamin d(sun or supps not to exceed 1000 iu). heme iron-most absorbable from meat only, clams are high. these are the most difficult vitamins to get and absorb. All others or about the same in difficulty in absorption. MAgnesium in our food supply is generally low as well, try natural calm supps.

#2 Fats- monounsaturated should dominate(olives), followed by polyunsaturated plant sources(nuts) but not if you have acne. the health benefits of fish oil and fish are controversial and i dont consume them due to mercury contamination and immune supression avoid processed fats if possible.

#3 Protein/amino acids- dairy and eggs best sources for tryptophan and methionine which convert to powerful antioxidants melatonin and glutathione.

#4 Carotenoids- alpha- beta carotene, beta cryptoxanthin, lutein zeaxanthin, astaxanthin. these are vital to human nutrition, carrots, butternut squash, pumpkin, chili pepper and cayenne pepper are the best sources.

#5 Regularity-BM at least once a day, Moist, large stools, 1 piece ideal, no maldigestion, no floating stools indicative of maldigested fat. HOW- insoluble fiber- wheat and cooked vegetables. soluble fiber-oats/ good bacteria ferment soluble fiber making short chain fatty acids that inhibit pathogens.

#6 Circadian cycles-Light, get up with the sun, and expose your entire body to it. darkness-melatonin is released upon the sensing of absolute darkness. sleep in a pitch black room, try to ensure 10 hours total darkness, wear sunglasses before bed. do not eat too late at night.

#7 Desirable physiological states(positive moods/emotions) do precisely what you like and what feels good to you, but not regardless of consequences, just from a perspective that, you own your life, and can determine precisely what you do with it and need not answer or ask of permission from anyone,achieving maximum autonomy and self government.

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