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Acne Cure

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Hello, I just made an account on here after viewing this site for a couple of months. Reason being, I recently started to have breakouts on my forehead region, along hairline and sideburns. Typical story, I used to have amazing skin, perfect complexion.

No clue why this came upon, but it's a serious issue because everyone knows what acne does to confidence and self image.

Regardless, after much much research, I came to the conclusion that acne is indeed an internal problem and can be a multitude of things.

Let me tell you, this wasn't normal would appear and just sit there for months, not like a normal pimple I'd get on my chin or cheek that would heal in a few days or a week.

With zero results from topical treatment over the span of months, I took it upon myself to go with internal treatment.

In truth, what I did for myself is either speeding up the process, getting rid of the cause of these skin problems, or it's just coincidence that my body finally starts to heal itself out of the blue after months of sitting on standby. Either way, my acne is clearing up drastically. Keep in mind I also had a very bad sinus pressure that was with me for 3 months straight and now is gone.

I'm not advertising anything but I think it would be helpful to show everyone exactly what I did.

Here's a list of what I did:

*Links under the specifics*

- Started off with rooibos tea (red tea) which has more antioxidants than any other known tea and also has no caffeine and low tannin levels.

*Helps to rid candida and absorbs sebum. Heavy detox tea and one of the best you can drink, more expensive than other teas though.

- I bought a lymph cleanse liquid extract, which after using this, my sinus pressure went away

The basis of your health - your lymphatic system. This simply cleanses it. A healthy lymph system is directly responsible for stimulating the immune function to keep it efficient. If your body is being overran by toxins, it can't do its job.

Excellent link for more on the lymphatic system and Some conditions that may be aggravated by lymphatic congestion: anti - remove space

Now, this may not be the cause of your acne, but it honestly plays a huge roll in the way your body heals and reacts to acne.

- I bought burdock root liquid herbal extract.

A blood purifying agent, Burdock works strongly through the lymph, sweat and oil glands, but also influences the liver, kidneys, lungs, stomach, uterus and joints. Burdock oil or freshly grated burdock root can be applied directly to acne. This works best when burdock is taken internally as well.

- I bought kefir - this is a specific type.

PROBIOTICS - best thing ever.

*Helios Kefir is made with Helios�€™s 7 Exclusive Live & Active Cultures: Lactobacillus kefyr, Lactococcus lactis, Lactococcus cremoris, Lactococcus diacetylactis, Leuconostoc cremoris, Candida kefyr, and Saccharomyces unisporous.

Probiotics literally aid your body in what it cannot do, kills bacteria causing acne and help maintain a balance of good bacteria so that you won't have a reoccurring problem.

This kefir brand doesn't have lactobacillus acidophilus, associated claims of people getting breakouts after taking kefir or probiotics with this in it.

Of course you could ferment your own and it's better for you, but this brand is very good because it tastes just like yogurt and is organic and works wonders.


I'd prefer buying the liquid extracts of the burdock root/lymph cleanse because they get into your system faster than pills.

Now, I'm not sure which of these helped me, but all of them combined won't hurt and they are all fantastic at aiding in destroying acne from the root.

Links: add www's.

Remember folks, your body heals itself. And the reason acne comes along is simply because of the things we chose to put into our bodies, weather it be hormone injected chicken nuggets or milk, processed foods in which our bodies don't know how to respond to but does its best to take it in as food and nutrition. How come your best friend that eats just like you doesn't have acne? Everyone's body is different and it's an internal problem that can be fixed with faith in this type of healing and patience. There is no over night cure, but trust me when I tell you that cleaning yourself internally is the best cure for acne.

Ah, too much money would be lost in the pharmaceutical industry if they knew cheap products that have been around for thousands of years can cure you.

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This is actually a great post. I've read so much about Lymph Cleansing, and how it can help acne. I got a tiny bottle called "Lymph Cleanse" and it only lasted about a week. I can't tell you how well it helped my acne either, because of all the other supplements I take, but I know it didn't hurt.

You're completely right that acne is an internal issue. It can be a bunch of different things, but all resulting in acne. I think detoxing, cleansing the body, changing your diet, and practicing good lifestyle habits are the basics towards clear skin. It may take more time than some prescription pill or lotion, but it's worth the time.

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Thank you so much for sharing your research and results!!

I'm starting a 30 day cleanse tomorrow to get rid of candida and increase probiotics. I'm going to add some of your suggested items now!

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