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Is there a connection between facial hair and acne?

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Hi everybody,

First time posting at this site so if im in the wrong spot kindly bump me to where I need to be. Anyway, my question is of whether facial hair, or lack there of is causing my moderate acne.

Here is a little background:

I am a 23 year old male with moderate acne on my cheeks and a little on my forehead. I have a good amount of facial hair om my jawline, chin, and upper lip but I have nothing on my cheeks. Now the odd thing is that I have a good amount of hair everywhere else andall the males in my family do as well so naturally I should have no issues with growing facial hair. Is there a link between the lack of facial hair and acne?

Also, as a side note I have been on oral antibiotics which didnt work, 4% niacinamide didnt work, every otc wash, nearly every home remedy, herbs, minerals, zinc, allicin, dandelion, etc. the only thing that worked was benzaclin which is a topical antibiotic but the side effects were bad enough for me to stop using it.

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