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Does Candida feed off Quinoa? Millet?

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I'm confused because I been researching stuff about the candida diet, and some sources say eliminate all carbs, while some say to keep somea bout quinoa, millet, and amaranth. any thoughts?

For example, one site says that this is okay to eat







Wild and brown rice

Grains contain a high amount of fiber, excellent for keeping the colon clear so Candida doesn't get a chance to multiply.

Grains also act like a pipecleaner in your intestine, grabbing nasty toxins like pollutants, chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals on their way through.


While another site says to avoid ANY grains

your input?

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Same thing I've been tellin ya all along bud, it's all up to the individual. Last summer I got into the whole Candida thing, thought I really had it. Who knows if I did or didn't. Bottom line is that it's really something no one should be focusing on. I think it's way more bull shit then reality. A natural balanced nutritious diet will get any human body back to the healthiest it can be. If you were never healthy, then the healthiest your body will ever be.

With a natural balanced diet any body will fix itself of any problems over time.

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