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A Vitamin B5 Log (Pantothenic Acid)

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Hi all! I have decided to start this log for a few reasons.

1. I want to log my progress on my somewhat newly started "vitamin therapy" particularly Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid.

2. I want to be able to go back and see how much Pantothenic Acid has helped my skin.

3. I'm completely obsessed with my skin and want nothing more than for it to be clear and feel like pouring out all the information I have and my feelings about this will help. Wish me luck! :D

First of all, this log will be in no way whatsoever "organized" but I will try my best! Ok, so to begin with, a little background history:

18 y/o female, acne started out as moderate (maybe 16?) went to the derm and started taking Doxycycline and using Retin A Micro topically. I used both of these for about 2 years. Progressively I built up and immunity to the Doxy and in turn my skin broke out worse (moderately severe) - lots lots lots of nodules and occasion cysts, plus pustles and whiteheads. Somewhere in between here I was also prescribed Epiduo to use in the A.M. Just recently I went back to the derm at the end of November and gave me the antibiotic Erythromycin (which is what I'm currently taking) But hopefully starting the B5 I'll be able to wean off completely and just rely on that!

^^In case you didn't feel like reading that here's the main point:

- Would give anything for flawless skin!

- Moderately severe acne for about 2 years (painful nodules, cysts, pustules, whiteheads)

- Currently taking Erythromycin but have every intention of "weaning" off comepletely

- Topicals: Retin A Micro, Epiduo (Basically everything you need to know is in my sig :)

This past year I grauated highschool and moved off to college. For some reason I thought my skn would be ok. WRONG. It was NOT ok at all to say the least. This past year has left me extremely emoitionally scarred, depressed, and before starting the Erythromycin I had NO self confidence whatsoever. I would literally cancel on what friends I had somehow managed to make (mostly people I already knew before starting college) I also skipped class on numerous occasions which thankfully didn't hurt my grades too too much because I couldn't bare to be seen. All I wanted to do was stay in my room and treat my skin. But enough of this meldodramatic nightmare. Currently I am clear. Which is SO hard for me to believe. But thanks to the Erythromycin kicking in I have minimal acne. Except for one medium sized nodule on my cheek which for me, is amazing.

Around November when my skin was REALLY bad I decided to do some research on it in hopes of finding some miracle cure. I have yet to find a miracle cure but in turn I did find the org. Which has been nothing short of a blessing. I have soaked up an immense amount of knowledge about acne that I never knew! And recently decided to incorporate "vitamin therapy" into my regimen. After reading about B5 I was head over hills completely sucked in. Anything that can help with the oil is good in my book. So I decided to incorporate B5 as well. So here goes:

I started taking B5 yesterday:

1/7 - 2g

1/8 - 4g

I will continue taking the 4g for a week and see how that goes.

As far as diet goes, I am trying to eat "healthy" but this is so much harder than it sounds as many of you know. Everything else you need to know is in my sig and if you can't find it there or have a question post here or PM me ;)

I have read numerous reviews on B5 (from here) and really think it souds like the way to go. If you've taken or are taking B5 share you experience here! I would more than love to hear it :popcorn:

Get your Greens <3

Exercise, Sleep, Eat, Relax. :)

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Did you carry on with B5, Claire? I've been taking it for about three weeks now and I think it's actually making a difference. Also been taking something which contains Burdock Root, Blue Flag Root and Sarsaparilla. Between the two, I seem to be getting fewer breakouts. :)

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