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Derma Rolling - BP - Retin A - Copper Peptides - Vitamin C serum

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Hi Everyone,

So i started the regimen a couple of months back and it was worked very well for me and has stopped my breakouts, but now i am noticing slight rolling scarring. I got rid of the zits now i am worried about the scarring, one can never be satisfied i suppose.. :rolleyes:

I just purchased a derma roller. I also picked up some Retin A Micro and copper peptides to add to the regimen. Also i am going to be making my own vitamin c serum

I am thinking about using BP during the day and i night i will derma roll with 1 mm needles right after the rolling i am thinking about using Retin A and leaving it on overnight. I know with the derma roller you get much better absorption. I will alternate nights one night Retin A, one night copper peptides, one night vitamin c serum and every day use BP. I will derma roll as much as my skin can tolerate and not put much pressure.

I have read that you are not supposed to use BP and retin-A at the same time because they cancel each other out but would using one during the day and one at night still result in their intended benefits?

I am just wondering if anyone has experience using all of these products and their application methods?



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Hi I am in the same boat.

Does any one know what is the best regimen to benefit from copper peptides, retin A, vitamin C and natural oils like argan oil, rose-hip oil etc.

Currently in the mornings I am applying copper peptide serum after 15 mins. argan and rose-hip oil after 15mins sunscreen, in the evenings dry brushing vitamin c, wait for half an hour retin A, wait for half an hour argan, rose-hip oil. After rolling with 0.5 every week I immediately apply vitamin C (stings allot but I can bare it) wait for 15 mins and tiny bit of retin A (redness stays much longer) wait for 15 mins infadolan cream.

I am not sure if I should apply copper peptides after rolling instead of vit C.

I would like to know if this is a good regimen and if anyone else has a better suggestion.

I purchased all creams from owndoc except the oils.

Many thanks..

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