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I was searching for the full article of the pubmed link posted above and found it, and I cant delete this post right?

I think the study isnt really special. It may be big (n = around 1300) but it wasnt really special. It found a link between fast foods, sodas and meats and acne. And they tried to measure insulin and IGF-1 etc. But they only did the last thing with the acne groups (people who think their acne is aggravated by diet and people who didnt). They didnt include the control group which is just sucky because that would have been interesting.

I dont agree with what I posted in the nutrition section anymore. I just think its not worth it. People worrying about food and acne all day in order to improve their life somehow while they are actually just digging a bigger hole for themselfs. The only reason to eat right should be to feel a bit better. Because the chances you will be able to reduce your acne in such an amount that its worth the effort instead of just trying a new topical is astronomicly low.

Basically get a low effort topical like differin or something more harsh if that doesnt work and just start living the life you want to live!


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