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black seed oil..hey it works...REALLY

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hey i gotta new remedy and it has suited a lotta ppl. its helpful soothin with a minty smell and rocks. i used it for a while and it didnt work so i was like whatever and stopped coupla days later it cleared out my skin. maan i was shooocked nothig has ever worked for me..

anyway, chek it out here.

enjoy and i hope it helps.:D


ps: if u DO order it, besure ui have an effective moisturizer around. u'll need it cuz this product works by going deep down into ur skin and it starts to absorb the excess oil and does its other works. so ur face gets dry when u put it on, but later on when acne's gone face is smooth and soft:)

acne sucks!

letz work together to ban it!

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Looks like snake oil to me. From reading the ingredients, it might help very mild acne. Anyone with cystic or severe acne should look for real meds, and not waste their $ and time on something like this. :D

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well i jus thought i'd help out, i spent money on it and it did work for i dont regret nuthing..oh well, its upto yall if u wann buy it or not..i dont have a say on THAT :D

acne sucks!

letz work together to ban it!

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Thank you very much for posting this product. I'm so glad that I backed up to the last pages of this board to find your post.

I was going to make my own version by buying and mixing it up myself.

Now, I don't have to and I can try it with a fraction of the cost.


Organic Aloe Vera- Anti Inflammatory and pain relieving

Witch Hazel- Astringent, anti-inflammatory

Black Seed Oil (Nigella sativa)-Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory,anti-microbial,Antiviral

Peppermint Oil-Purifying and cooling to skin. Astringent

Tea Tree Oil-It improves healing and stimulates rejuvenation of the skin to treat a variety of skin problems. The oil also contains properties that fight bacterial and fungal infections. Tea Tree Oil kills germs making it especially useful for wounds, cuts, scratches, insect bites, boils and athlete's foot

Chamomile Oil-Healing, firms and smoothes away lines. Chamomile oil is anti-inflammatory and soothes skin.

Camphor Oil-Antiseptic,anti-inflammatory.

Bergamot Oil-Effective oil reducer and skin healer.

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Well I have a stepson who suffers from acne. He has a thing about not accepting me because I am not his real father. Well I produce black seed oil and told him to use it for his acne. Because I produce it he had a real issue to not use it, always going to the chemist and buying these horrible chemicals. He got so fed up of his acne only getting worse that he tried black seed oil and it worked. In my opinion drinking the oil daily is what has helped him the best, although he tried the vapour technique, ie a teaspoon of black seed oil in very hot water in a bowl and with a towel over ones head having a steam bath for the face.

I would notice his acne returning and would ask him if he had taken his black seed oil, no and off he would go and take a teaspoon.

For him it has worked and has been traditionally used for acne.

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Don't knock something until you try it!

I've never heard of this before,but...

Palmitic acid is supposedly a 2 on the comedogenic scale,Myristic Acid rates a 3,and stearic acid rates a 2.

Not that I trust the "Acne detective" sheet 100%,but I'd still proceed with caution since those are the top ingredients of black seed oil.


25mg zinc citrate,1g B5(two 500mg caps,one with breakfast and one with dinner),500mg curcumin with biperine,Carlson's fish oil

Day Routine:

Honey/Clay Cleanser (1Tablespoon raw honey,1 tablespoon dry clay,4 Tablespoons water)

ACV Toner (half ACV,half water or green tea)

MyChelle Fruit Enzyme Mist

Night Routine:

Aveeno Ultra Calming Foam cleanser

ACV toner

MyChelle Skin Clearing Serum

Trinessa BCP

80%-90% clearer than before,depending on the "monthly terror" and luck

I'm always looking for homemade skincare recipes! Please share yours with me!

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