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*edit: COURSE COMPLETED!!* my new accutane Log

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oh wow look at your progress! it's amazing!! =D I'm hoping to get clear like you too! =D Thanks for stopping by my log btw =)

also, that list of things you did with ur life lately - very interesting =) if you don't mind my asking, how old are you? =)

hang in there! Just a month more to go! =D

23f on 20mg/day dose.. Started Jan 14 2011

IB full blast right now. ><

Join me if you've just started too, or if you have any advice to offer! Would really appreciate any advice about the symptoms and side effects and how long they last ><

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@cherington - aww thank youu!! hahha I'm 23 now :) good luck with you course I love reading your updates as well


I'm 1 month off accutane, and I just came back from teh dermo. I"M DONE!!!! as in, I didn't need to make another appointment anymore :)

the nurses all said: Congrats! So it was kind of cool

Turns out the doctor went to the medical school of the same university I'm going to this fall for my graduate school degree! I wish I had known sooner... could have asked for pointers :P

I would post pics but I dont have my camera with me right now. I'll see if anyone is interested however and will post thjem up them when I get my camera back!

I mean, my skin is clear pimple wise, but still i have rolling scars and icky icepics, sigh.. nothing I can do about that anymore ... nevertheless at least no actives!!

side effects: I still have achy joints which i'm kinda scared about. Does anybody info on this because I asked my DOCTOR and he said, theres nothing he can do about it..... he says it SHOULD subside.... but I dont know... does anyone know threads of forums they have stumbled upon regarding achy joints AFTER accutane? THANKSSSSS

anywayyyy its been a long journey and even prior to accutane, i've been reading this website I think since HIGHSCHOOL.... so been like over 8.5 years.... will always have a place in my heart :P lol i'm getting emotions. hopefully I don't get breakouts anymore, so i'll still be careful and watch my eating.

ta ta for now :D!

My Accutane Log Began: Oct 14, 2010

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Hi cheeseblu,

Congrats on finishing the couse!

You mentioned that your eyes were really red and dry in the first week of treatment, do you remember when did this side effect go away? I'm having the worst dry eyes at the moment and it's really worrying me.

Thank you.

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yeah i still have pretty dry eyes. i still have them now, but i;m still able to wear contacts... i wear them about every other day for about 6 hours each. and to be on the safe side, i bring some rewetting drops. it's not too bad (like i'm not in pain or anything) but it's definitely not as comfortable as i would like

i hope this will lessen later on however!!

My Accutane Log Began: Oct 14, 2010

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wow wow almost 1 year later I am back.

I have to be honest, the past 9 months were the best skin years of my life. I never felt so carefree ... and i actually felt like a normal human being without makeup.

Unfortuenlty, all good things come to an end.... it's coming back.

I don't get much cystics. however mainly just pimples that have a head.. it started out with like 1 or 2 a week then now it's every freaking day again. not as bad as before but definitely a "dermatologist worthy" problem..

I tried going on a bcp 2 months ago, but I just ended up breaking out and spotting for a whole month.

Anyway, I just got prescribed notreal.

I'm on day two. and I'm completely stressing out over my face.

bascially I have over 10 actives on my face. and it's splattered with pigmentation.

I felt that the past 8 months of healing basically was thrown away.

I cannot possibly take accutane again because I'm afraid my joints will not be able to take it anymore. I felt the side effects of weak joints like until 5 months ago.

Here is what I am using right now to contain my face barely.


Notreal BCP

Clenia Sodium sulfacetaminde and sulfur


Clindamycin Phosphate 1% (

I also slather on Saliyclic acid (3-1 Hydrating acne treatment neutrogena) whenever I am feeling cray cray.

and tea tree oil, and vitamin C serum

and on top of that I just layer on a lot of moisturizer..

I am a hot mess right now in terms of emotions.... all spanning from my skin. like. crying every week about it. Because it's just not fair that people can just do whatever never care about their skin and never break out. Even in my family, I'm the only one plagued with this. people who have not been through this battle will never understand. ever.

Therefore I decided to start this thread again. perhaps keeping a record like while i took accutane will help me see my progress.

Anyone breaking out a year later post accutane feel free to come join my journey towards a (hopefully successful battle)

it's gonna be long, but my goal is that hopefully my life will turn around (skinwise) in 3 months by being consistent with my bpcs topicals and moisturizing regimine.

My Accutane Log Began: Oct 14, 2010

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is there a reason you were left with rolling and ice pick scars? did you pop pimples? i'm afraid of scarring and i haven't been the best about popping some of the pimples im getting during my initial breakout..

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