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westcoastbadboy regiment or Murad? Please advise!!

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Hi guys,

I have been using the regiment for a few years now, with the basic benzoyl peroxide, regular toner, cetaphil mild cleanser, and moisturizer. Results have been pretty good with a few occassional breakouts.

My acne isn't too bad, just get the occassional pimple here and there on my cheecks. I would say 3/10 on a scale.

A week ago I got suckered into buying the Murad treatment. I've been using it and it seems ok so far. Face is left a little shiny however after doing the treatment and using the Murad moisturizer. I've noticed one of the big differences between treatment and the Murad is that uses Benzoyl Peroxide, where as Murad uses Salicylic Acid.

Can you guys (those that have used both types of treatments) please give me your thoughts on which treatment is better? Any thoughts and or advice would be very much appreciated!! Looking forward to hearing from you :)

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