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Is Azelaic Acid a retinoid?

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Does Azelaic Acid work the same way as retinoid like Tazorac? What would you use between these two to clear up tiny bumps under the surface?

No, azelaic acid isn't a retinoid. It works differently. It does help somewhat with clogged pores, but probably not as well as retinoids do. Its really good if you are prone to inflamed acne though, because it is also antibacterial and antiinflammatory (and also reduces redness). However, if you mostly have noninflamed acne, I would think that Tazorac would be the better option.


-Face Reality Sensitive Skin Cleansing Gel


-MD Formulations AOX Hydrating Gel and/or MD Formulations AOX Lotion (on drier areas)

-Mix a few drops of Niacinamide Gel with Face Reality's SPF 30 for Acne Prone Skin


-Face Reality Silica scrub

-Derm A Gel 2 out of 3 nights, PTR Unwrinkle Peel Pads every 3rd night

-Mix Face Reality Hydrating Emulsion with Metazine Niacinamide Gel

-Face Reality's 2.8% BPO (chin only).

*Spot treat any inflamed lesions with Aczone

*Spot treat clogged pores with 8% mandelic

*Diet: Vitamin C and zinc supplements, avoid dairy, avoid iodine, mimimize sugar and salt, avoid peanuts

I also get facials at Face Reality Acne and Skin Care Clinic every 4-6 wks.

My lengthy log:

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I'm on finacea right now (15% azelaic acid) and I don't believe it is a retinoid. It works incredibly well on non inflamed acne if you ask me.

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The truth:

Being positive is pointless, I'm trying to live here. You can't trust anyone. The people you are close to can easily turn out to be the most shallow people you will ever meet. Just when you think you have everything figured out, you realize you had it all wrong. Live your life and don't depend on others. Do what you need to do to get by, keep watch on your own back, and you'll be fine. See what I'm saying? Maybe you don't, maybe you won't, maybe it's just me or maybe you're full of shit I don't know.

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It is an acid compound derived from wheat I am sure I read somewhere... (wikipedia..)

Here is a link I found which supports this

Morning: Wipe skin down with Salicylic acid containing face wipes

use Azelaic Acid on all acne prone skin

Evening: Bath: wash with PEARS soap then wash hair with Head & Shoulders (condition ends of hair once acne prone skin parts are out of bath)

use Azelaic acid on all acne prone skin

(Last adapted Autumn 2014)

My skin is now "normal" clear!! Thankyou to everyone for all your support!!

my finacea log including my September 2011 summary video (link is for the start of it, copy and paste as the link won't work directly):

Doing Yoga/practicing mindfulness, this has really helped me alot! Trying to eat better for my immune system

i.e. more veg and fruit plus trying to eat low GI, drink lots of water and get enough sleep.....

Wash your sheets and towels twice a week!!

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I went to my derm and got the prescription for Tazorac 0.1% and Finacea 15%. I'll use Finacea once during the day and Tazorac at night. If Finacea doesn't do well at killing the zits, I'll switch to my Klaron and continue using Tazorac. Hopefully it's a good combination. He told me Tazorac takes 4 weeks to see good results.

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Finacea is giving me crazy itchy feeling so much that I want to dig into my face and scratch it for hours. I get the itchy feeling as soon as I apply Finacea. I was on the sun the whole day yesterday and I think that contributed more. I did not use SPF moisturizer cause I wasn't sure if it would make a mess and dilute Finacea.

Not sure if I should continue using it while I'm using Tazorac. Both peel your skin so that might be too much for my face. It says that Finacea also bleaches the face and not sure if I want that.

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