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My ACV+Rosehip Oil Regimen

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late last year, i had a really bad breakout of cystic acne on my cheeks after using Everyday Minerals makeup and since then i've been consistently battling new ones that my jawline is pretty much covered in red marks. i started taking Yaz and the cystic acne went away but i have a lot of leftover scars. then early this year, i got folliculitis and i was lucky enough to have discovered this early and so far it has been subsiding but there are still clusters of bumps here and there on my face.

2 weeks back i have started on a new regimen to tackle my scars and red marks while keeping the folliculitis under control and so far it's been good for me and the ACV is helping a lot.

Morning :

Cleanse with water.

Tone with Aesop Parsley Seed Toner.

Rub ACV all over face (diluted in water, 50:50).

Apply Nizoral cream.

Night :

Cleanse with Aesop Fabulous Cleanser.

Tone with Aesop Parsley Seed Toner.

Rub ACV all over face (dilute in water, 50:50).

Apply Nuskin Epoch Blemish Treatment on all affected areas (even scars).

Apply Trilogy Rosehip Oil to whole face.

i understand that the Nuskin Epoch Blemish Treatment does not work for everyone as i have read really bad reviews on it whereas i keep seeing results every morning : it reduces redness and calms down all active acne dramatically.

also, ACV has dried out a lot of the acne on my face and it has been fading a lot of my scars. the unaffected areas on my face are glowing and my whole face feels very soft, aside from the few bumps here and there. my skin is also much less oily now, i can apply a moisturizer during the day and not feel like i have a whole lotta gunk on my face by lunchtime. this is quite a feat especially with the hot weather in M'sia.

the Rosehip Oil, although i was disappointed i couldn't find Kosmea anywhere in Malaysia anymore, Trilogy has been working alright for me. it keeps my face very moisturized (esp with the use of ACV) and the tightness i felt from using BP before this is gone as well.

i was pretty upset two weeks back before i started on this as everything i was using was useless and is the only place i could find possible cures so i want to post what's working out for me, hopefully someone would find this helpful as well. :D

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