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green vibrance made w/ apple juice


1 kiwi

2 eggs


quesadilla made w cheese and black beans

chocolate peanuts

yellow bell pepper strips dipped in hummus

green bean salad (just a few bites)

white chili (only half the cup)

juice made from cilantro, lacinato kale, and carrots

red snapper


cottage cheese

1/2 banana

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uhhhhh dsjfhksjdfd so somehow since last winter I have gotten slightly bigger. Meaning, I don't wear jeans except when I have to for work because they're all getting too tight. I am eating pretty damn healthy and don't really have much room to change my diet (nor do I want to), so I am really going to up the exercise. I have been slacking on the exercise. I'll get really into it for a few days or a week and then I'll go weeks without running. Also, since most my exercise is yoga, I think it is building my glutes and making my butt just look... huge. I like the way my body feels - strong, and flexible - I don't want to lose the muscles, just get rid of a little bit of fat. I think a little more cardio will do just that.

In short - I'm going to exercise more (stretching, yoga, running, biking, walking the beach), record my food intake and continue to eat a high veggie/fruit/antioxidant diet, and.... thats about it.

I go back to school in a month, and itd be nice to wear something other than my stretch pants/work-out shorts to class. Itd also be nice to go shopping and not hate everything because my butt looks out of proportion with my thin body.

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so i havent been on here much this week.. I didn't record my food intake like I said, but I have been eating ok the last few days. I had a BAD SLIP-UP mistake of a dinner last week and within a day or two started to get 3 zits all close to each other on my cheek. They are just awful. I was so close to clear, and now these monsters took it all away :( Since that happened I have been back on track, and I've also been exercising more regularly.

heres today:


quick jog around neighborhood

*spinach saute (evoo, garlic, onion, tomato, spinach, mozzarella cheese)

2 eggs

*smoothie made w/ frozen peaches and cherries

black beans, red quinoa (w/ evoo, garlic, and onion), and sour cream

*a few grapes

a few bites of trail mix (almonds, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon, raisins)

*carrot + ginger juice

a small bite of a fruit bar

*summer strawberry salad from panera

still going to find something else to eat but i just dont know what....??

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not too much changing in the types of food I eat, but I have been getting a lot more organic stuff! Before march/april of this year, I did not eat ANY organic foods. I only visited the natural food store on occasion, and usually to pick up teas, not regular groceries. Since then I started eating a few organic things here and there, but the majority of my food came from the regular supermarket. In the last month, especially since that week where I tried to eat only raw foods, I have gone considerably more organic.

Especially greens (salad greens, kale, spinach) - I pretty much only eat these organic now. At least I only buy them organic. When I have dinner at my boyfriends or my mom offers to bring me home a salad from somewhere (like once a month hah) then I eat whatever they have. Overall, this is like a 90% increase in organic greens from say.. february or march, when I didn't buy any organic produce.

Also, I have been buying more organic berries and frozen smoothie fruits. I still don't get them all organic, but probably 50% are lately. Since I don't pay for most the groceries at my house, I have sorta begun stockpiling the organic frozen veggies and berries. Any time we go to the store, I grab a few bags, whether I have plans for them or not. They don't go bad, and we ALWAYS use them. If I let them run out and my mom shops without me, we end up with non-organic stuff :/ I saved an article to show my mom about how stuff in pesticides messes with your endocrine system, and can pretty much keep you fat. It was a crappy yahoo article and I usually don't believe anything they say, but I am on the lookout for more info like this. If I could make my mom understand the importance of eating organic, it would make things SO much easier for me. Right now I am the 'weird' one, the pain-in-the-ass daughter, because I want to be healthy and eat organic whole foods and don't join them for mcdonalds or ice cream.

I also regularly buy organic green onions, bell peppers, sweet peppers, cabbage, squashes and sweet potatoes, plums, watermelon, yellow squash and zucchini, beets, and a few dried fruits (like raisins and figs) from organic places. I read the recent 'dirty dozen' list of foods most contaminated with pesticides, and I am gonna aim to not buy any of those 12 foods unless they're organic. Also, since some things I regularly buy organic - like sweet potatoes, melon, and onions - were on the 'cleaner' list, I am going to try to adjust which things I buy organic, and which not. Since sweet potatoes and onions are especially cheap at the regular store, I think if I buy them not-organic I will be allowed to spend more at the organic store on stuff like berries and apples, and other produce that is usually too expensive to buy organic but should be.

Non-produce stuff - My chicken, beef, quinoa, and apple juice are all organic. I think I've mentioned all the main things I eat by now. The fish I eat is almost always wild caught, so its clean, even though it doesn't have the USDA stamp.

sheesh I didn't mean to write so much. Here's what I've had today so far:


*1 nectarine

*Juice made from lacinato kale, 1 bunch cilantro, and some carrots

*About to make: Smoothie from frozen bananas, ice, almond butter, orange blossom honey, & raw cacao powder

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Yesterday (what I remember.. I think this is everything)

lemon water


green vibrance

2 eggs

2 apricots

salad made w/ mixed baby greens, swiss chard, blueberries, 2 strawberries, walnuts, and ginger dressing

half a yellow bell pepper with hummus

pita chips w/ hummus

green juice made from organic kale, cucumber, cilantro, and carrots

cheap packaged cheese pasta that I added broccoli and spinach to :/ ........


again started with lemon water


2 eggs

organic apple w/ almond butter

about to make a berry smoothie and pack a salad for lunch

the lemon water first thing in the morning is a new addition to my routine. I've been meaning to start this for a while, and I'm not exactly sure what/where/when I read about doing this, but whatever I read convinced me. I think it helps the liver and some other stuff... so here goes. Going to continue with the fresh lemon juice for a while.

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Well after reading through this:

I decided to drink my lemon juice a new way. Today I made a cup of green + white tea, added a tsp of honey, and the juice from half a lemon. Previously I only used a slice of a lemon, but it seems most people who've seen results use more. Its a pretty tasty concoction! Regardless of effects on my skin, it is a good detox for the liver and kidneys. I'm going to stick with this for at least a couple weeks.

I am reallllly craving fresh juice right now. I think I'm going to start buying extras and bringing them home. You're supposed to drink them freshly made for the most benefits, but 8-16 hour old juice has still got to be pretty good for you.

not too much else to update with. I have some fresh red/pink spots from the breakout I had last week. Kinda getting me down... :(

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Skin is doing ok. I got a couple slow-healing spots on my cheeks, but nothing new has shown up the last few days. I have been doing the lemon juice thing every morning since whatever day I first mentioned it. I feel like my skin regimen is just whatever-i-feel-like lately. Sometimes I moisturize with coconut oil, sometimes with actual moisturizer, sometimes I use sunscreen, sometimes I use a face wash and sometimes just water. Since I realized this a few days ago, I've been sticking to the same plan. Here it is, with a few more things I want to do regularly, not just randomly:


Morning --> Start my day with a fresh lemon juice drink or green vibrance. If I have Green Vibrance, get the lemon juice at some other time when I have a mostly empty stomach. Only wash my face with water.

Throughout the day, consume greens atleast twice.

Consume at least a serving of berries (almost) every day.

Get a little sun every day.

Stretch every day.

Exercise or do yoga most days.

Drink juice as many days as I can reasonably afford to.

Rotate these supps: probiotics, alpha lipoic acid, emergen-C's.

Remember to drink lots of water.

Before bed --> Use a make-up remover cloth. Wash with cleansing milk every 2nd or 3rd day. Use coconut oil as a moisturizer every single night, and spot treat with honey

every couple days (like every 3rd day or so) make a home-made mask consisting of things like honey, cucumber juice, aloe, yogurt, turmeric, green and white teas, avocado, coconut and jojoba oils.

no sunscreen (unless I'm going to be out for a couple hours), no bottled moisturizers


Nothing really new here (except for consistency), but I just like to write this stuff out every so often. It keeps me focused and gets me excited about my regimen.

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aside from the meat/dairy/eggs, i am retardedly jealous of your diet. does your mom eat with you or do you just make everything for yourself? i live alone and so it's pretty hard to actually make it through a lot of produce or, really, even rationalize buying it all. how do you deal with leftover produce? and do you think that smoothies are worth it? i always go back and forth about actually spending money on a good blender, but it seems like smoothies would be an easy way to get some fruit/veggies in your diet. and holy crap that chai almond milk recipe looks so good. for the record, the last time i made almond milk, i used a (borrowed) vitamix and still had the same end result - sludgy, really thick goo instead of too much liquid. i think it had to do with the almond:water ratio. i always end up adding more water to the end result anyway. do you leave yours really thick or water it down?

good luck with everything!

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aside from the meat/dairy/eggs, i am retardedly jealous of your diet. does your mom eat with you or do you just make everything for yourself? i live alone and so it's pretty hard to actually make it through a lot of produce or, really, even rationalize buying it all. how do you deal with leftover produce? and do you think that smoothies are worth it? i always go back and forth about actually spending money on a good blender, but it seems like smoothies would be an easy way to get some fruit/veggies in your diet. and holy crap that chai almond milk recipe looks so good. for the record, the last time i made almond milk, i used a (borrowed) vitamix and still had the same end result - sludgy, really thick goo instead of too much liquid. i think it had to do with the almond:water ratio. i always end up adding more water to the end result anyway. do you leave yours really thick or water it down?

good luck with everything!

oh wow the first post here that isn't by me!! this is so exciting! hahhah. Thanks for reading through this, I know its kind of boring lol. :)

Are you saying you don't eat meat, dairy, and eggs? I wish I could kick the dairy thing, but when I've cut it out I've never seen improvement. I do stick mostly to organic dairy though, and that helps me eat less of it because I can't afford to buy too much (and my mom doesn't give a shit about organics).

The eating situation is complicated. I DO live with my mom, and sometimes she eats what I do, but most the time she doesn't. She also goes to a regular store and buys produce there, and then I go to the health food store and buy organic produce. I keep my organic fruit in a separate bowl from hers, and I usually don't have more than 6 or 7 pieces of fruit in there, and I can always get through it. I eat plenty of 'normal' veggies - like salads and spinach, so when I buy these I know I'm not the only one whos eating them. When I start buying things like beets and kale, I know I'm gonna be on my own eating, so I try to just buy 1 or 2 weird things at a time. My little sister is home from college right now, so that also helps. If I know something has been in the fridge for a few days and needs to be eaten up, I just go 'hey don't eat I'm cooking for us' and use it up. Also, my boyfriend will eat anything I do, and he knows if he cooks for me there better be a lot of veggies.

Here are my suggestions for not wasting produce:

Go to the store often - every 2 or 3 days, and just pick up a few things at a time.

Always have a good supply of frozen. Especially berries, other fruits you'd like in smoothies, broccoli, spinach, brussel sprouts, etc.

Remember things like sweet potatoes, acorn squash, butternut squash, onions, garlic, and carrots stay good for a while (over a week).

For the rest of the fresh stuff, buy only what you will eat in 2 or 3 days. I like to get 1 or 2 of a bunch of different things. Like when picking out fruit, I'll buy 1 kiwi, 1 avocado, 1 pear, 2 plums, 2 apricots, 1 apple, 1 half of watermelon, 1 carton of berries. That way I got a lot of variety, but not a whole lot of mass. Same thing with veggies. If I buy more than one box of lettuce and one leafy green at a time, something will wilt and go bad.

Smoothies are SO worth it. You don't need a very fancy blender. I have a 'magic bullet' that came from JC penney (I've seen it on sale for like $40), and I got my dad one from Kohls (around $60 at the time). usually has good deals on kitchen appliances. Smoothies are my favorite way to eat berries now. Its also so easy to add a little bit of kale and not even notice. They're also a good way to use up bananas or any fruit that needs to be eaten up.

my chai almond milk was thick as f**k! Its more like a milkshake- a very tasty, non-dairy milkshake haha. I don't add any more water to it. I kind of like the thickness now, it was just a surprise the first time.

Hope you're doing good and write back!

edit: oops I forgot to mention that my diet isn't as perfect as it seems. Sometimes when I don't update for a while, I don't eat as well. I occasionally go out to eat, or eat something I wouldn't normally eat at a friends house, or find some chips that my mom bought :/ When I start updating regularly, then I am motivated to eat better because I'd be ashamed of myself if I had to write 'enchiladas, refried beans' on my diet log hah. Sometimes I think keeping a log is a bit obsessive, but on days that I make myself write down what I eat, I eat better. On days that I dont, well, lets just say that I did really used to love taco bell. and every now and then.....

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Tea w/ juice of 1 lemon and tsp honey


eggs w/ spinach

smoothie made w/ frozen blueberries, cherries, and peaches

sweet potato

blackened chicken guacamole spinach wrap....?

Kind Bar

stuffed sweet peppers

?? theres probably more...

no sunshine :(

It rained all 4 of my days off, and now that I'm working 4 days in a row its SUNNY SUNNY SUNNY! wtf.

Today so far.. will edit this later:

Secret garden tea + White tea w/ juice of 1 lemon and tsp orange blossom honey.. YUMM YUM

1 beet sauteed in EVCO w/ onions

1 egg sauteed in EVCO (same pan as the beet.. cool coloring!)

steamed beet greens

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haha, this log isn't boring at all. sometimes i make the mistake of reading things like these when i'm hungry, though, and then i get sad when i realize i still haven't gone grocery shopping.

yeah, i'm vegan, so meat, dairy, and eggs are out. the thing that finally got me to kick dairy was the idea of not having stomachaches anymore. haha. i don't know if i was lactose intolerant or what, but drinking a milkshake was pretty much the worst thing i could ever do to myself. i'd have to plan to leave wherever i was immediately after drinking a milkshake because i knew i'd get sick fast. i dunno. i tried to ditch dairy a number of times before making the leap into full veganism (in november '08), but it was always really hard. for me, what finally did it was a combination of things: my desire to commit to veganism, the desire to not get sick to my stomach, $$$ (cheese is pricey!), a quest to eat more varied foods (instead of a block of cheese and a loaf of bread, which is what i did for a long time), etc., etc. it seems like if you're not having problems with it and you have no moral qualms about it that it should stay in your diet. i mean, it's a fast way to get protein.

you've mentioned a health food store in your posts and you mention how expensive everything is. does your town have a food co-op? not that a co-op is necessarily always cheaper than a health food store or whatever, but perhaps they'd have other options. also, does your town have a farmers' market? it seems like that would be a good way to save money on produce (so you could spend it on other foods you like). i live in a pretty agricultural area, so our farmers market is HUGE. a lot of the farms aren't certified organic, but only because they can't afford it. i honestly can't think of a single farm stand there that doesn't advertise that they are pesticide/herbicide-free. the produce is certainly a lot cheaper than buying the organic produce at the co-op and i like the fact that you get to directly support farmers.

ok, so the thing about buying lots of veggies and what have you is that i'm always afraid it's going to cost too much money. or i'm addicted to the veggies that i normally get. what i mean by this is that if i go to the farmers market, i will buy like 3 things and a TON of those 3 things. so up until my parents' tomatoes started coming in, i'd get a ton of tomatoes, a couple onions, and maybe some lettuce and then bake a lot of bread and eat sandwiches. haha. i know there's ways to sneak veggies into meals, but i guess maybe i'm just really uncreative. how do you plan your meals or your shopping trips? do you just get what looks good or do you plan out your meals for the days in between shopping trips?

i always forget about frozen vegetables! i don't know why. and frozen fruit. my parents have a massive blackberry bush that needs picking and i keep thinking in terms of cobblers, etc. (which i don't like and usually give away), but maybe i should be thinking in terms of freezing stuff for later use.

so the magic bullet works? does it leave your smoothies chunky or do they actually get smooth? i made the mistake once of buying a cheap blender from target. i used it maybe like 4 times, each time hoping it would work better, and each time i was horribly disappointed. oh well. i think it might be time to invest in a blender. there are so many things i would be making if i had a blender/food processor - hummus, tahini, smoothies, rice/almond milk, OTHER DELICIOUS THINGS. a blender is like an adult tool, right? i am an adult, i may as well invest in one.

i am even more jealous of that chai almond milk now and want to buy a blender just to try making it. iosgihsghoi i am hungry right now, this is terrible haha.

as long as keeping the food log doesn't interfere with your daily life or cause you to feel poorly about yourself, then i think it's ok. i wondered if keeping track of my skin was making me feel worse about it, but it's sort of necessary to keep track of things so you can see what works and what have you. definitely i don't think anyone eats as well as they write down, but who cares? we're human. no one eats perfectly healthy food 100% of the time (unless they're orthorexic maybe) and there's no shame in that. you sound like you have a really healthy diet in general, though, so don't fret about some taco bell. there's worse things out there. i, for instance, occasionally (sometimes more than occasionally) indulge in potato chips. i feel bad about it sometimes, but then it's like wtf, i can't care about what i eat all the time, right?

i don't know. anyway, hope all is going well with you. thanks for taking the time to respond back to me.

edited because i am silly and forgot to delete your response that i c+p here to reference.

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Wow well I would totally give up dairy too if it gave me stomach aches! I used to get stomach aches from big meals or going out to eat, and it completely ruined going out for a while. I did a candida cleanse for like 2 months and continue to take probiotics a few days a week, and it is completely gone now. I still don't eat giant meals though.

You know I read this book called "Lamb" by Christopher Moore which is this reallllly awesome funny story about jesus growing up, and he ate bread and goat cheese in the book all the time. I had this period of time after reading that book where I always thought about having creamy cheese and good crusty bread..though I didn't actually eat it that often hahaha. I completely forgot about that until now!

I buy food at the health food store all the time because its where I work. I've only been there for a few months, so at first there were SO many cool looking new things I just had to try. I know health food is an industry, just like any other, and I don't give in so much any more. Now I pretty much buy only produce there, and a few other things like quinoa, organic eggs, and organic chicken. I also get veggie juices frequently and buy chili, soups, and salads for lunch when I'm working. They're all expensive, but I get a slight discount so that helps a little

. I would love to be part of a co-op! I looked it up once but I didn't get very far with it. I think it was a month or two ago, and the only place I found wasn't taking new customers until the fall. I should probably check that out again now. I have a hard time with the farmers markets because they're always on days that I work (sat & sun), and 2 out of 3 near me closed for the summer. My mom visits them sometimes when they're open though.

ahh I have to get going. I thought I had more time. I will finish replying to your post when I get back later!

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what's the deal with the candida cleanse? i'm unfamiliar with this and i am too lazy to google it so i am now going to rely on you to explain it to me, please and thank you. how do you like taking probiotics? taking acidophilus tabs was recommended to me as a child because i was on preventative antibiotics and had lots of stomach issues as a result. i used to take some vegan probiotics tabs but they were so got-damn expensive that i only bought them infrequently at best and blah blah blah /coolstorybro.

christopher moore is one of my top 5 favorite authors of all time and that book is hilarious. and, as a vegan of 22 months, i would like to tell you that goat cheese on a slice of a really good sourdough baguette is probably still, to this day, my favorite food of all time. sometimes i just fantasize about the tang of the cheese. hoo-boy. i'm glad i already ate dinner because this making me awfully hungry.

seems like it would be pretty cool to work in a health food store because you'd have access to cool stuff. but yeah, packaged food and what have you quickly becomes unappetizing. i'd take a mediocre homemade meal over pretty good prepackaged food any day of the week.

your co-op rejects people? here the co-op is open to anyone, like a regular grocery store. if you pay money towards a full "share" of "ownership," then you get special deals like extra discounts during the month or whatever. i don't have a share and i still shop there. is the co-op really small or something? i'm guessing yes because i think that's how my parents said the co-op here was when it first opened - like you had to be a member or whatever to give them the buying power or whatever. i don't know. i don't understand any of it. in any event, if it sounds like a good deal, you should totally go for it.

are there any farms that do CSA boxes around you? this could maybe be an alternate way to get good produce. also, what part of the country do you live in that the farmers markets are already closed?! i live on the west coast and i swear they're just reaching full operating power. they usually stay open until sometime in october here. do the ones where you live close really early?

aaaaaaaaaaanyway, hope things are going well for you.

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wow I have let my log go, and not because I want to! I'm sorry I never got back to you Scummy. I have started full-time classes again and the first week of school (well a 4-day weekend after the first week of school) I ran off to a music festival and camped in the woods. I haven't worked lately because of that, but the shit I have to do for school is just piled on so high, and I start working again tomorrow. I am supposed to be reading like 60 pages right now but I just need a damn break from school for a little while. hahah this is definitely not a good way to START the semester, but I think with monday off school for labor day and a very disciplined next 7 days, I can be all caught up and have a better schedule planned out. I NEED to set specific times when I am going to do my homework/reading. I have such little free time left after the time I spend in class and at my job that I can't afford to put ANYTHING off. wahh hwahhh wahh. I'm giving myself 12 more minutes to procrastinate and then I'm starting reading. I swear.

I am finding my diet is stressful to maintain during the school year. I eat so many veggies that have to be cleaned and chopped, onions and garlic that have to be cleaned and chopped, and make so many dishes in the kitchen that take a lot of time to clean up. Also, my smoothies are a pain in the ass because I have to clean the cup and the blade and usually the whole unit because I leak stuff on it. I am maintaining my diet though.

The school situation has me walking and going up and down lots of stairs. I think it will help me get to my goal of 108 or 109 pounds. I was 115 a week ago. I think I could be to my goal a few weeks from now. I'd say definitely by end of september, but more than likely sooner. I want to start writing down my diet again, but I don't think it'll work out on the computer so well. I am rarely home and around my computer now. I'm thinking I should get a little notebook and keep it in my bag, and then just every few days or when I have time I can add it to my log.... we'll see.

ok gotta get ready to read. fuck. :(

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Just want to note for myself:

- Its been 114 days since I started accutane. I've probably only taken about 105 pills though.

-Started taking Sibu's Sea buckthorn supplement - today is day 3 of that.

-No active acne, but a few tiny weird looking spots/clogged pores??

-Skin looks dull and pale, with lots of hyperpigmentation :(

- I have been stressed out, not exercising, not eating well, and getting very dehydrated

It shouldn't be a surprise that I look dull...

Daily pill and supplement routine is now: BC, accutane, Sibu supplement, and GV and emergen-c drinks as close to daily as I can. I wish I would take the damn probiotics I bought too.

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Note for myself:

122 days since starting accutane.

Suddenly in the last week or two I have gone from pretty normal color to SERIOUS fucking redface.

I have been under extreme stress and abusing too many stimulants and diet has been shitty.

Off to read more about redness, and figure out what the hell I'm gonna do.

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I can't really find any good info on redness.

My very uninformed entirely guesswork reasoning for why my face is suddenly red is that I have been under constant stress and not relaxed, which causes the sympathetic nervous system to be overactive - always in fight or flight mode. Blood flows away from the digestive system and blood vessels dilate, and when that happens in the face, it equals redness. If this makes any sense at all, then I need to fucking relax, and cool it on the stimulants, which by this theory would make redness worse. How the shitty diet plays in, I have no idea. But I'm sure it doesn't help.

I guess for now I'm going to add in a serious amount of green juice, green smoothies, green vibrance, lemon juice tea, and take my probiotics.

Try not to use too hot water in the shower, and only let cool water on my face.

Cut caffeine down. Keep my small morning cup of coffee but no more coffee throughout the day.

Try. To. Stay. Calm.

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State of skin: reddish, pale, lots of PIH, still clear of cysts or anything major but some clogged pores hanging out in the usual spots. I just dont have that 'radiant' or 'vibrant' skin that I dream of. I know I shouldn't expect it on accutane, but once I am not on these ridiculous drying skin-thinning and sensitizing pills I sure hope I can gain a healthier look. I'm asking for a juicer for christmas, which will be right about the time I am done. That oughta give my skin a boost. I also realized I haven't been consuming much oil lately - just a little coconut oil here and there and hardly ever olive oil. I know I need to up these a little bit and start eating more fatty fish again. Its so hard to find time to prepare food right now. Tonight I didn't even have a real dinner. I'm just munching on some watermelon to hold me over to the morning. I feel like a robot with my current work-school-homework-repeat schedule.

Accutane: no idea what day this is. I should have started month 5 pills, but I haven't finished month 4 pills yet. I haven't been taking the pills every single day, sometimes because I completely forgot, and other times because I say fuck it, I need a break. My lips are now unbearably dry, constantly chapped, cracked, occasionally bleeding.

I don't know if I should slow the pills down to every other day for the rest of the time, to reduce the side effects, or if I should just take them and get it over with sooner. I can't wait to be done.

So last few days and from now on - my green smoothers are much GREENER smoothies. I realized I wasn't using that much green stuff. This past week, I've tried making various green smoothies with way more kale, chard, and spinach than I've ever used before, and I am amazed at just how much more greens I can add and still make a decent tasting smoothie. I also bought some lemons to do the lemon juice tea thing in the morning again, only for a week or two. I don't wanna rot my teeth out or anything....

edit - I think this is day 135 since starting, and I've taken about 112 pills??

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Day 159 of accutane

I haven't been remembering to take the pills... been averaging a pill every other day. My skin is doing fine though.

Also, I will have a juicer soooooon! I want to do a complete juice fast for a few days whenever I get it, or maybe another raw week but this time I can make juice a major part of it. I am so excited! I drink juices occasionally now, but daily green juices would just be awesome.

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Day 172 since starting accutane...

I have been really bad about taking the pills. I think I just missed 3 or 4 days in a row.

Skin is overall clear and dry. A few weird little things here and there that I wouldn't call pimples. Some days I think the PIH isn't so bad, others I think its awful. I am going to take a new picture soon so I can see the changes over the next few weeks/months.

I just got my juicer!!! I am probably expecting more than I should from it, but I really think my marks will heal faster with me drinking fresh juice every day. I think my skin in general - not just as far as acne/PIH - but just overall will look better, and my immune system is gonna kick ass. I already barely get sick.

So far I made:

cilantro-carrot-kale-spinach-celery juice

beet-carrot-ginger-pomegranate juice

'green lemonade' - kale, spinach, cucumber, lemon, apple

carrot-kale-cilantro-spinach-parsley juice

I was going to ease into the juicing - I read it can be kind of shocking for the body to go from the occasional veggie juice to 3 a day. Its just too cool having this thing in my house though. I've had it barely 24 hours, and I made all those juices!

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I think.. I OD'd on vegetables.

Yesterday I either experienced horrible detox symptoms, or I was sick. I drank all those juices with things that are especially good for liver cleansing (and other things too, but esp. the liver) and I think it was just too much. I was sick, nauseous, weak and tired, had a pounding headache so bad I started to imagine blood vessels bursting in my brain and me dying..hahah. That might be extreme, but I rarely get headaches so when I do its frightening.

I didn't get anything done that I wanted to, but at least today its gone. I'm not going to allow myself to drink so much juice for the next few days or week.

I read, and was told, not to jump into it to quickly. I KNEW I should let my body get used to it, but its just too much fun using the juicer.

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I made it through another semester.. and now I have a couple weeks with LOTS of free time. I got a little stressed out at the end of the semester (maybe more than a little stressed out) and now I am trying to detox from it. I have been doing pretty good. 8-9 hours of sleep every night. Lots of fresh produce. I want to exercise a lot over the break.. the cold is making it difficult right now though.

Heres what I've been doing lately:

*making what I like to think of as my 'beauty juice' every couple days: cucumber, celery, apple, lemon, and either kale, collard, or spinach.

*drinking more tea and less coffee.

*eating lots of curries (no dairy!)

*trying to eat lots of vitamin c - organic strawberries, bell peppers, mango, broccoli, etc.

*trying to eat more mushrooms

*buying mostly organic meat (chicken always organic, steak mostly organic, lamb... they don't sell organic)

I haven't really been eating nuts or seeds. I want to pick up some sunflower seeds, pumpkn seeds, brazil nuts, and almonds. I will only eat a little of those at a time.

Also want to make more lentils and beans. Maybe in a soup?? I'm not sure, but I have lots of time to experiment right now!

acne: nothing active, plenty of marks still fading. Still on accutane, but I haven't been taking it regularly and I'm going to completely stop taking it sometime soon.

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I have had a really good week.

I ran/jogged/walked 3.3 miles on... Sunday?

played tennis on Monday

Ran/jogged/walked 3.3 miles again yesterday.

I've been eating lots of nutritious stuff too.

Yesterday I had a cucumber/celery/kale/apple/lemon juice.

The day before I had something similar.

I also found a vegan stuffed mushroom recipe - you make the stuffing from the mushroom stems, olive oil, red and white onion, garlic, bread crumbs (just a little), and fresh basil. They are absolutely delicious, and way more healthy than the bacon and cream cheese recipe i know...I am going to make a few more today, and next time I go shopping I'm going to also get green onions to add to this recipe.

I made really tasty salted and garlic-black pepper pumpkin seeds, and delicious lentils using just a half a cup of lentils and a whole box of frozen chopped spinach, and lots of seasoning of course. I am definitely making that again, and going to experiment with adding other things into the lentils and spinach, like carrots, and... i dont know what. Maybe peppers.

Right now I'm having a SMALL green juice with cilantro. I know I went a little too crazy with the cilantro/beets/lemons when I first got the juicer and it made me sick. The cilantro is good for binding heavy metals though, and I think I could use as much detoxing before and after christmas as I can get. So 1 little cup of cilantro green juice. I also am going to make a curry for one meal today (with mushrooms, broccoli, bell pepper, any other fresh veggies I have in there) and beets/onions/eggs for another meal.

yum yum!

I have been stretching and doing some yoga stuff throughout the days, and overall I just feel gooooood! Its so easy to be healthy when I have all this free time to get outside and prepare nice meals.

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Graduate next semester w/ BA in psychology. Get in the rest of the pre-med classes, hope like hell its good enough. Can apply to med school but if I don't get in I'm screwed because I won't have a science degree.

Graduate 3 semesters from now with double major. BA in psych and BS in environmental sci. Include the rest of the pre-med classes along the way. Have the option to either apply to med school or go on with environmental science.

Graduate next semester w/ BA in psych, switch schools and get BS in biology and finish pre-med classes along the way.

Graduate in 2 semesters with BA in psych and some type of science minor. I don't know if thats possible though.

Do I want to be an environmental scientist? or a doctor? or a scientist? or a fricken doctor?? or a biologist??? I do not know!

I think I want to be a doctor. but I just. don't. know.

I know I want a baby, and a family. And I want to help the world and help people as much as I can while I'm here.

I am so stressed out :wacko:

Can I just start college over!?!??!?!!!!!!!??????????

I am trying to be super healthy, not stressed, so my skin can heal and look healthy. This stress is sure as hell not helping.

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I forgot to take my accutane, and birth control, for like a week. I am calling this the end of accutane treatment. I also dyed my hair red... the WORST color to go with acne or facial redness, so I am ready to let my skin heal from accutane. I thought I should wait a month or two, so my face was less red. It really isn't that red though. It definitely isn't permanently red any more, I am just prone to flushing and occasioanlly become red. I have been surprised a lot lately when I look into the mirror and see that my skin is becoming kind of, ... normal? I can't even tell if I look normal, or red, or splotchy sometimes. I am so used to having uneven skin that doesn't match the rest of my body. I almost can't believe that my skin could look normal. I went out this morning to get coffee and hair dye with no make-up on. I wouldn't do this if I expected to run into anyone I know, but hey I used to not do that at ALL. Yes I am on my way to living like a normal human being... hahaha. kind of.

The redness that I do get is especially bad after hot showers, so if I could just stop using hot water on my face, I think my skin would stay normal color. Its so hard to limit hot water when its so so so cold out. Its cold even inside.

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