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Its about time I made one of these!! After many months of lurking around the holistic and accutane logs, and apparently adding enough of my own 2c to become a veteran member... yeah its time.

I tried the holistic stuff for a LONG time before giving into accutane. And its not that I don't think it works. I just spent so much time working towards clear skin, to have it only clear up on the top half of my face. I have the healthiest diet of any of my friends, and the worst skin. I'm sure with a few more years of trial and error I could have figured it out, but I want the clear skin now. I wasted a lot of years being embarrassed about my skin. I know accutane is a quick fix, and the acne will return unless I make a commitment to be healthy for life. I already am a health junkie. I feel great when I eat healthy food, work out, do yoga, go running, and spend time outside. I don't feel so great when I look at my face in the mirror, though it is improving.

Accutane is working, and I'm only 16 days in. The only side effect I have is dry lips. & while accutane is doing its thing, I am doing everything I can to be as healthy as I can otherwise (you know, as healthy as I can be while taking this DNA-screwing baby-deforming pill hah).

Here is a list of things I'm doing/want to do for my overall health and acne::::

First the diet stuff -

Lots of vegetables! In all different forms, of all different colors. Raw, steamed, sautéed, baked, you name it. I almost always cook my veggies with onions and garlic. Thanks to alternativista, I have been letting my onions and garlic sit for 5-10 before I actually use them.

Greens every day. Right now I get these mainly from steamed kale or spinach in my eggs at breakfast time, salads made with arugula, romaine, red or green leaf lettuce, and spinach. Sometimes I make spinach and kale dishes (though these need some work), and every so often have a green smoothie. I have canned and frozen greens on hand so I should always be able to have them even if I run out of fresh organic ones. Goals in this area are to find more types of lettuce(like oak leaf, frisee, sorrel, mache – these are in a recipe book I have) and to try some new greens like swiss chard.

Fruits. No restrictions here. Ideally I’d like to consume a couple different colored fruits every day. Somedays I only eat 1 fruit, so I can work on this. I also want to eat more organic fruits. Some of my favorites are just so damn expensive (and I work in a health food store and get a discount and still think they’re too expensive!) Since organic fruits esp. berries are more affordable if they’re frozen, I have a stock of frozen fruits that I use mainly in smoothies. I don’t like berries thawed out by themselves…just not the same as fresh.

Protein & Fat. Mainly from wild fish. My favorite WAS flounder until I almost killed myself with a bone….grrr. I regularly eat flounder, salmon, tuna, cod, snapper, … whichever one is on sale. I don’t consume too much red meat. Occasionally my mom buys us steaks (not organic or anything when shes buying…) I have converted my mom into a hormone-antibiotic free chicken eater though! Other protein/fat sources: quinoa, nuts and seeds, eggs, beans, hummus(tahini), ground flax, avacado. I want to try bison steaks one day soon… I use olive oil and coconut oil when I cook.

UV protecting foods-> carotenoids (from yellow-orange veggies like sweet potato and squash). Daily tomato or watermelon for the carotenoid lycopene. Flavonols (from raw cacao and veggies).

Grains/carbs. A lot of my carbs are from veggies and potatoes. Other than that, oatmeal, rice, cous cous, quinoa… wraps or bread very occasionally. I don’t like bread or regular sandwiches that much.

Since I am on accutane I stopped taking most all vitamins and supplements. The only things I take are a drink called Green Vibrance (2-3 times a week), or a probiotic capsule when I go a while without the Green Vibrance. I have some biosil that I take maybe once a week.. The pills are too big for me, but I’m trying not to waste them :/

Herbs- Herbs have some wonderful properties, and make things delicious! I have an herb box outside with lemon balm, thyme, rosemary, parsley, fennel, savory, dill, sweet basil, purple basil, lemon basil, marjoram, and sage. I also have mint, oregano, rosemary, and thyme growing in random other places... I try to use herbs in some way every day. I go through dried chives like crazy, and as my plants slowly die in this crazy heat I will probably buy more dried herbs. I can't wait until the fall so I can start an even bigger herb box!

tea - I really got into tea for the first time this winter. I love flavored green and white teas. I have a few herbals (like peppermint), and red tea which I don't care for too much. I haven't been drinking so much lately because of the heat, but I want to experiment with iced tea. I normally use agave nectar or nothing at all to sweeten.

Outside of diet…. I am trying to run 3-4x a week, go to a yoga class 2x a week, do yoga or at least stretch at home every day, have time to relax (even if its just a little) every single day, build/paint/draw/make more of my creative ideas instead of just thinking about them, ride my bike in mornings or evenings, avoid mid-day sun and sunburns, get out of the house a little more (I can find stuff to do at home all day long….), have sex often…, & enjoy summer while it’s here.

Next post I'll try to add some pictures!

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As much as I remember: coffee, steamed kale w/ garlic and onion, 1.5 scrambled eggs (w dried chives), orange juice, baked sweet potato and tikka marsala chicken, peppermint tea, organic fruit- mostly watermelon, a few pieces of canteloupe and a few grapes, cold chai tea (bottled & too much sugar :/), guacamole!, 1 beer, and home-made fajitas.

Not nearly enough vegetables, but not bad either. I got in 3 things good for UV protection - the tomato sauce in tikka marsala, sweet potato, and watermelon. Yesterday I was too sore to work out so I did some light stretches. It was a pretty weird day overall. I woke up with a headache, which I never ever get. It was gone by noon. Maybe the peppermint tea helped? Thats why I drank it. I was kind of in a weird mood all day, and couldn't stop feeling dehydrated even though I kept drinking. The heat right now is so damn intense.

On to a new day..........

This morning I'm ready to work out to run or ride my bike???

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Have been too busy and tired to update the last few days...these are my work days :(((((((((((

I did go on a 40 min. bike ride Friday morning, and didn't get a sunburn! I thought maybe my face did when I walked in the door, but I think it was just heat. For the most part the redness went away.

In the last 2 days I've had steamed kale, eggs, sweet potato, a veggie wrap (sprouts, hummus, tomato, onion, .... all healthy stuff), a fresh carrot+beet+ginger juice, spinach salad, and killed my leftover fajitas. Thats not everything, just what I can remember quickly.......

I also got a new cleanser ---> Humphrey's Organic Botanicals: Moisturizing Cleansing Milk - Sensitive Skin Therapy. It has witch hazel, jasmine, arnica, green & white tea, lavender, aloe, cucumber, hyaluronic acid, kelp, borage oil, flax oil, and rose hip oil. I think I like it! I've only used it 2 or 3 times so far, but no insane redness or chemical burns, which so many products do to me.. I am going to use this only at night, and no cleanser in the morning.

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I've been so emotional and upset these last few days... I've neglected you log. I really haven't been eating much anyways. Troubles troubles troubles. :(

Today's food so far:

Breakfast - Hemp oatmeal w/ ground flax mixed in + cinnamon and cacao nibs on top

Lunch - my first attempt at Indian lentils... Cooked green lentils with onion, garlic, curry, turmeric, ginger, cumin, dried cilantro flakes, and a diced potato.... I put it on top of rice. It was ok- nothin like what they serve in the Indian restaurant though.


Normally I would have had more fruits + vegetables by now, so I have to pack some in at dinner time.

As far as my skin: I am so DRYYYYYY. This is day 24 of accutane I think, so I may possibly have my dosage upped 6 days from now. I can't imagine being drier!! The last 2 days I have rubbed jojoba into my skin before taking a shower to try to protect it from dehydrating effects of the shower. My lips go back and forth from being ok to being unbearably dry. My skin is drastically better than a month ago, though it actually got worse these last 2 days. I was down to ONE active zit, and now I have 3 or 4 new ones coming up. I am absolutely sure that I will be clear one day soon.

& to distract myself from this not-break-up break or whatever I'm doing to my boyfriend ( I don't even know) I have been reading up on raw foods diets and recipes. I wish I had a fricken juicer! and a dehydrator! I love the raw food 'sandwiches' I've had out, but they're so expensive, and theres no cheap way I know of to DIY without the equipment. blah. I ordered a few books in the mail yesterday. They should inspire to make a few new creations. I don't eat much raw food at all now. Of course my fruit and nuts/seeds are raw, but my veggies are almost always sauteed or steamed. I think an additional raw food/snack/or meal every day would do me good. & give me something to obsess about besides my boyfriend troubles.

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I am in such a better mood now! I took my boyfriend back... long story short, everything that as bothering me about him/us just isn't that big a deal and can be fixed. I'm so happy. My 2 days without him were the longest days of my life.

Anyways, I am doing great today. I made it to yoga class this morning and I just felt so good while I was there. I can feel myself getting a little stronger and a little more flexible at the same time. It no longer feels right to increase one without the other. Everything I am training my self for physically - strength, flexibility, stillness - I am training my mind for as well. If anyone reads this who hasn't tried yoga...go do it.


Food stuff for today:




steamed kale w/ onion

scrambled eggs w/chives

peppermint tea

gingersnap granola (just a little bit) on the way home from the store...


Leftover lentils

sauteed zucchini w/onion, garlic, & a sprinkle of thyme

small plum and half of a small apricot

a few carrots dipped in hummus

onion chips


baby greens salad w/ carrot, cuke, tomato, and italian dressing

homemade pizza made w/ millet & flax (gluten-free) crust, marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, spinach, sun-dried tomato, fresh basil from my garden, garlic and onion powder

1 good beer

Wow that sounds like so much stuff.. Its really not though, atleast in terms of calories. It IS a lot in terms of dishes :/

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food for today:


Millet & flax bagel w/organic cream cheese

*green juice (spinach,cuke,parsley,celery,??. I think all organic)

tortilla chips, vegetable hummus

*steamed broccoli (organic!)

tilapia w/crabmeat stuffing :/ (mom made it...)

*few bites of salad

bottled mango acai white tea

hot strawberry green tea + tsp agave nectar


chili and cheese(oatmeal) dip + tortilla chips ( i swear just a little!)

*more steamed broccoli

*sweet potato

steak (very small portion)

*smoothie-banana,PB, ice, cacao

I starred fruits and vegetables, I think I will do that from now on.. Skin is looking pretty crappy. It was kind of irritated when I went to bed last night. Then I went to the beach this morning for only the second time since starting accutane. I didn't burn at all..but after I dunked my whole head in the water my face kind of burnt for the rest of the time I was there. waahhhhh. Going to cover myself in aloe in a few minutes, and possibly some oil once that dries.

To do ---> Buy fish. I was hoping my mom would pick some up, but she only got that stupid farmed tilapia that hardly counts as fish. Also going to pick up some veggies that'd be good to dip in the rest of my hummus, instead of the tortilla chips.

Tomorrows the beginning of my work we'll see how much I make it on here!

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Oh no.. I am embarrassed to post yesterday... I knew I'd probably be too tired at the end of the day to come on here and update. I was also too tired to even cook dinner when I got home... ended up just grabbing random shit that didn't require much work and not eating ANY vegetables. More dairy products than I've had in a while. wah :( sorry body.



*1 plum,

*1 apricot

BB seasoned tuna + crackers

cheddar cheese

strawberry green tea

lentils (leftover from earlier this week, my Indian food experiment..)

plain greek dairy yogurt w/ pumpkin spice granola

chocolate covered peanuts

another BB seasoned tuna + crackers

half a millet and flax bagel + organic cream cheese

cheddar cheese

Also Friday - quick bike ride in the morning (maybe 30 min?). Full sun... skin was red.

Gonna start preparing today's lunch right now.. don't know what I'm taking to work, but there will be veggies!

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light stretching/yoga in the morning



green vibrance (made w/ apple juice)


*beets, onions, coconut oil

dark orange chocolate

*baked acorn squash

plain goat milk yogurt w/ pumpkin spice granola

*carrot + beet juice

piece of fresh fruit bread... gift

dinner at a restaurant: salad, 1 sierra nevada, bacon-wrapped basil-stuffed bbq shrimp, garlic mashed potatoes

I Think I'll wind down with a shower, hot cup of tea, and the rest of a movie I couldn't stay awake to watch last night... oooh I get to use my new patchouli soap in the shower. I just bought it from this guy who made it has coconut oil, olive oil, and not much else. I think my skin will like it! I know my nose will.

I'm half-way through my work week! I'm going to pick up some fruit and veggies tomorrow. Hoping to try some new stuff, like the lacinato kale, and..... thats all I can think of. I rang up this guys order at work today that was like 98% produce, and it was a huge order. Like 75 dollars worth of kale, collards, chard, apples, pears, plums, oranges, cukes, zukes, tomato, lemon, sprouts, onions, garlic, berries, beets, peppers, mushrooms, carrots, celery, spinach, lettuce, ginger. He must have just got some of everything there is in the produce section. It was so much food for this one skinny guy, who had the most pERFECT skin. No redness, smooth, even-tone, tan. He's only like 25, so of course no wrinkles. But I would bet even when he does approach wrinkle-age he is going to be pretty damn good looking compared to the rest of folks his age. Anyways, he is my inspiration next time I shop.

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I made it to a new yoga class this evening. It is the most advanced and INTENSE class my studio offers, and holy shit, was it intense. It was 2 hours long, and 10 minutes into it I wasn't sure I'd make it. I went there from work, so I was kinda tired and sore from standing all day when I got there. I am so glad I did though! I just told myself I'd take a break and not do everything if I wasn't up for it, but I ended up doing just about everything. We did a couple things I had never ever done before, and never seen anyone do. Now I have new stuff to do at home. It felt so gooooood. I wish I could get myself to do 2 hours of yoga after work every day... hah. It only happened today cuz we close earlier than weekdays, and I left early on top of that.

todays semi-sad food list:


*steamed broccoli

*eggs w/ spinach and chives

piece of orange dark chocolate

strawberry green tea w/ tsp agave nectar

yogurt pretzels

white chicken chili

*small side garden salad

*small green juice with LEMON which was a very bad idea...

BB seasoned tuna + crackers

a few triscuits w/ org cream cheese

fathers day dinner: yellow cake w/ choco frosting :/


not a piece of fruit to speak of...

I'm shooting for a super starred list tomorrow.

I realized I haven't eaten hardly any nuts or seeds since I started this log, so I bought almonds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds today. I just tried soaked nuts for the first time and they are so much BETTER than the regular raw ones. I also read up on why people soak nuts and seeds in the first place, and from now on I'm going to do it! Starting with the almonds, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds right nowwwwwwww.

Tomorrow is my last regular work day of the week. I'll definitely be trying some new things on my days off. Going to attempt raw key lime pie for sure.

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Today I ate:



strawberry green tea

garden burger over rice

*spinach saute (evoo, onion, garlic, spinach, tomato, mozzarella cheese, S+P)

*steamed mixed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots)

Secret garden tea (my favorite)

soaked almonds and pumpkin seeds

peanut butter pretzels

an Emergen-C pack

white chicken chili


baked potato w/ garlic and sour cream


I am verrrrrrrrrry excited to try making my own chai almond milk this week! I didn't think my food processor would be high enough powered to do it, but I threw a couple almonds in with some water and it definitely turned milky. Now I just gotta pick up the spices and stuff the recipe calls for and soak more almonds!! Also plan to experiment with buckwheat (raw), and try the lacinato kale.

2 and 1/2 days off starting tomorrow afternoon! ahhhh I can't wait. I am so ready to relax.. and make food haha.

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Today is going great! It feels so nice to go shopping at the natural foods store as a customer, and not be working there! Everything I mentioned wanting to try in the previous post ^^ I am ready for. Got the chai spices, the lacinato, and the buckwheat. I read a recipe where you soak buckwheat and with a few other additions turn it into 'oatmeal.' It will be soaking next to almonds tonight hah.

Todays food so far:


oatmeal w/ground flax

*scrambled eggs w/ chives and spinach

Bottled mango acai white tea

pumpkin spice granola (just a little)

Tulsi apple pear tea w/ honey


*Stuffed red pepper

*stuffing: cous cous, EVOO, onion, garlic, zucchini, herb goat cheese

peppermint tea

strawberry green tea w/ agave

*mini collard wraps: 1 collard leaf, veggie hummus, green onion, few pieces of spinach, and a handful of dry broccoli slaw.

Spoonful of coconut oil


BB spicy thai tuna and crackers

State of my skin: ahhhhhhhhhhh. sdjfhksjhfjksdkfs. It was better 2 weeks ago. Kind of broken out, kind of red, kind of dry now. The dryness is what reminded me to eat my flax. I will try to eat some tuna tomorrow or maybe as a snack later. Actually, maybe a spoonful of coconut oil right now. I don't know! I just know I need some fats. If only I could get one of those giant omega-3 pills down... I know its a blessing I'm not good at taking big pills. It forces me to get most my nutrition from real foods. And saves money :)

edit: went for a shot of coconut oil AND ate a pack of canned tuna.. it was deeelicious.

Also went to a nighttime yoga class... It was damn intense. I've never sweat so much doing yoga. My meditation at the end was pretty amazing too. I wonder if the more intense physical yoga beforehand helped me into the deeper meditation? Idk but I'm ready for more!!

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Chai almond milk is a SUCCESS!! I spent like 2 hours in the kitchen today making it, cleaning up, and turning the leftover pulp into macaroons. If anyone out there is reading, here is the recipe I used:

Soak 1 cup of almonds overnight (approx. 8 hours)

Soak 1/4 cup of dates in the morning before you make it (I only did for 30 min)

In a high powered blender (such as VitaMix), blend the following:

Soaked almonds (rinse well after soaking!)

4 cups cold water

2 tsp. cinnamon

1 tsp. allspice

1/4 tsp. nutmeg

1/2 tsp. cardamom

1/4 tsp. black pepper (or 4 black pepper balls)

pinch of sea salt

1 tsp. vanilla extract

1/4 cup soft dates (soak if needed)

2 tbsp. raw honey

After blending, pour through a nut milk bag. If you don't have a nut milk bag, a really fine strainer works too (press the pulp with a spoon to remove all of the milk).

I do not have a 'high-powered' blender. I have just a regular one from sears or jcpenney... I think thats why my mixture was so thick and not super milky. I spent a long time taking tablespoon by tablespoon, putting it in my mesh strainer, and pressing the milk through with the back of a spoon. When I had done this to all the wet mixture I had made, I had a lot of dry pulp -ish mixture left.

There was no way I was wasting the delicious chai flavored almond mixture so I did this:

Set the oven to 350.

Added just the clear part from 2 eggs and a spoonful of honey.

Put about 15 balls of the mixture on a baking sheet, and sprinkled the tops with (just a little!!!) bit of powdered sugar and cinnamon.

They were in the oven for maybe 20 or 25 minutes.

They seem too soft when you take them out, but once they cool off they hold together fine. You could do without the powdered sugar, but I had to add a little more sweetness if I'm going to get my not-so-health-conscious family to try them :)

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chai almond milk and maccaroons

BB seasoned tuna and crackers


1/2 a glass of riesling

fajitas, refried beans, and rice at mexican restauramt....

I can't remember what I ate in the day time????

anyways, here is today:


chai almond milk and maccaroons

steamed lacinato kale w/garlic and onions

mixture of strawberry green and blue mango teas w/agave

Green Vibrance drink made w/ apple juice and water

cream havarti cheese and crackers

mojo/caribbean marinated chicken breasts (hormone/antibiotic-free) w/ fresh rosemary

sauteed onion, garlic, yellow squash, lacinato kale, and what little was left of a bag of mixed veggies (cauliflower, broccoli, carrots)

Cup of sweet riesling...bleh. should have bought beer!

There must be more.. what am I forgetting??? I didn't think it would be so hard to remember so I stopped writing everything down during the day. I know for sure I ate other things but I have no idea right now what they were. Is the riesling doing this to me?? :wacko: hah I wish I could drink enough wine to get a buzz. That stuff tastes like shit. and riesling is the LEAST shitty tasting wine to me.

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I am EXHAUSTED. Just want to get this down:


mango acai white tea


*smoothie w/frozen berries, banana, 2 lacinato kale leaves, spirulina, few tsp OJ, water, tsp raw honey

*black grapes

dark chocolate covered pistachios

cod (cooked in evoo)

*baked butternut squash

*marinated chicken, peas, more butternut squash

*Green juice w/apple and ginger

triscuit sandwiches-triscuits, cream havarti, tomato

*sauteed collards w/onion and garlic

*dinner:leftover chicken, peas and squash from lunch


Lots of stars. Thats what I like! Also should note I am going to use my sample of hyaluronic acid face cream that I got at work today... I haven't been using many products cuz they pretty much all burn. We'll see how this one goes. I hope I don't wake up with a severe burn! :)

edit:I put the face cream on and it didn't sting or burn or turn me red AT ALL! Its too early to get my hopes up..but damn it'd be nice to finally find the perfect moisturizer for me.

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Today I had:


green tea (yogi super anti-oxidant) w/agave

a few pistachio crisps

*leftover fruit salad (blueberries, watermelon, almonds, black grapes)

BB seasons tuna + crackers


Kashi bar

*baked acorn squash

*baby greens mandarin orange salad w/ginger dressing

some kind of gluten free cookie that looked/tasted like it was mostly made from coconut??

peach oolong tea

*more fruit salad...

*baked broccoli, carrot, and potato

sour cream

one piece of some kind of red meat.. like the size of a half a deck of cards. I didn't like it hah.

green tea (super-antioxidant again)

1 hoegaarden!

I didn't write down everything the last few days, but its been the same kinda stuff. I've been eating fruit salad made with soaked almonds, grapes, watermelon and blueberries ALL weekend. Also been getting my greens from regular kale and lacinato kale. I know I had lots of onion and garlic this burger, fish, yellow squash... just usual stuff.

I went to the regular grocery store today with my mom and stocked up on frozen berries and frozen fish. its gonna be smoothie central in my kitchen these next few days! And if I could remember to actually thaw out the fish every now and then, I'm gonna enjoy eating that too.

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just a quick update-

Yesterday I had my first all day beach day since starting accutane. I was there for like 6 hours, and amazingly did not get (too) sunburned!! I'm a littttle pink, but it isn't any worse than it would normally be. I actually look like I got a tan! The water felt really great too. I think it was good for my skin, and my lips felt a LOT better by the end of the day. The salt water just took all the dry, dead skin right off, and left my lips so smooth and unchapped.

Really really soon I will figure the picture thing out. I just keep wanting to wait, because I know if I do I'll look better. Oh well, I will borrow a camera very soon and get new pics. I found some from march and april where I look pretty shitty. I am so embarrassed of them I don't want to post until I have some better ones to compare to.... my skin is a lot better than a few months ago -very few actives right now

- but the damn red spots keep me from looking any better.

I didn't keep track of food the last two days. I know it included carrot juice, oatmeal, tomato salad, ground flax seed, canned tuna fish, a lot of beer, steamed kale, millet and flax bagel, mexican food, some bad processed foods while I was at the beach.... Overall not too great.

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Today's diet:

Green Vibrance made w/apple juice and water


*steamed kale w/ onion and garlic

oatmeal w/ground flax, cacao nibs, and cinnamon

tea- mixture of strawberry green, super-antioxidant green, & secret garden

*seaweed salad

organic chicken fried in EVOO w/marinade, rosemary, thyme, and oregano

*mixed veggies (baked)- organic broccoli, organic carrot, potato

*mixed fruit-grapes and blueberries

chocolate covered pistachios (like 3) and choc. covered strawberries (only 2 or 3)

*green juice w/ apple and ginger

leftover enchilada from mexican restaurant

a few bites of fish (snapper) and peas

2 figs (first time ever eating them!)

a 22oz Magic Hat beer

1/3 scoop Green Vibrance drink made w/apple juice

SO yesterday I left the house in the morning with only my mineral powder on, and today I did it the other way around and only put my foundation on but skipped the mineral powder. I hope to one day soon cut out one of those entirely. Its just such a routine putting on both. I want to be done using make-up as a cover up. I want make-up to be something I put on for FUN, to make myself feel extra-good, not something that just makes me feel not-as-bad. I'd say I'm half-way there. I KNOW the day is going to come when I will be able to leave without makeup and not feel embarassed. I just know it.

This morning I got up at 6:45 a.m. so I could do some stretches, go running, and cook both breakfast and lunch before work. Similar plan for tomorrow, but since I don't work as early I'm looking forward to not seeing 6:45 in the morning. My knee is kind of sore right now.. not sure from what, but I'm going to take it easy and do like an hour of stretches/sitting down exercises for the next couple days with no intense cardio activities.

Wow I'm so tired. Not sure if everything here made sense, but I'm happy I kept up with my diet log today. Tomorrows will be pretty good too. I have nuts and seeds soaking right now for a super nutty seedy berry anti-oxidant trail mix tomorrow!

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Yesterday diet-wise started out great....but ended..not so great :confused:


*grapes and blueberries

*1/3 of a large leftover green juice w/carrot and ginger

*Smoothie- made w/ frozen mixed berries, 2 frozen peach slices, 1/2 a banana, 1.5 kale leaves, tsp raw honey, and water

*lunch: sweet potato w/sour cream

left over chicken and potato from yesterdays lunch (just a little)

*seaweed salad


dried figs

piece of pizza...........................

3 or 4 beers

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This is so weird.. I feel like I'm dooming myself by mentioning it..... But I just can't get over it, can't stop touching my face because...

I have no active acne!!!

My face FEELS so smooth. It is in-fucking-credible.

I haven't updated the last few days because I've been on VACATION... I didn't eat as well as usual, got a lot of sun, wore a lot of sunscreen, jumped back and forth from the beach and the pool all day long. I didn't bring any face washes, and I didn't wear any make-up. I think the pool and ocean were harsh enough on my skin, so I didn't use any soaps.

I don't look as good as my skin feels because I have so much hyperpigmentation. I am so relieved though. I know eventually it will lighten. I'm trying not to get tooo excited because my skin always looks a little better after a beach vacation. I'm sure within a few days of being home, something will pop up. Until then, I am just going to be as damn healthy as I can. Fresh, whole food, plenty of sunshine, exercise, and no stress. :D

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Yesterday's diet:

Green Vibrance made w/ organic strawberry lemonade


*a few strawberries/grapes

*Steamed kale w/onion and beet greens

2 eggs

*a little trail mix (soaked almonds, filberts, dried berries)

a piece of some dried fruit cake bar thing

Tea mixture of strawberry green and yogi superantioxidant green

*Baked acorn squash

2 falafel balls w/hummus

*vegetable cheese bake

*Carrot juice w/ginger??? I didn't taste the ginger I think they forgot to add it

Then I came home...exhausted.. and found still warm pizza in the refridgerator.

Spoonful or two of fresh made almond butter

The pizza was..a screw up. I'm not killing myself over it though. I think I had been getting a little TOO much fiber so I guess I got a break from that hahaha. I feel like I'm forgetting something, but that covers most of it.

I am making a note to myself to borrow my moms camera today, and I'll take a picture first thing in the morning tomorrow. I know I got some lurkers out there with 300+views... Tomorrow is picture day!! I swear this time!

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Lets see if this works...

This is me at my worst - around February or March. My acne was persistent and deep, and after some stupid laser treatment (smoothbeam) I was left with horrible hyperpigmentation. Every zit I had at the time left an awful mark.... Even at times when I wasn't broken out as bad, my skin was always red and bumpy and gross feeling to touch. I didn't leave my house much during this time..

EDIT:took pic out

These I took first thing this morning, no make-up. I'm about 45 days into accutane. The lighting is shitty and different in them, but I couldn't figure out how to make it any better. I think I look worse in person. The lighting makes my red spots less noticeable I think.. My skin FEELS drastically different now than it did earlier this year. It is very smooth, and redness/splotchiness is pretty much gone. Its kind of the opposite of what I expected right now (because of accutane).

EDIT:took pic out

I can't wait to do this again a month from now!

...and starting Monday I am eating completely raw for a week. fun fun fun.

EDIT: people view this, but don't comment, which just makes me feel weird and paranoid.... so I took the pics down

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My week of (mostly) raw eating: DAY 1

Vibrant cleanse packet (lemonade/maple syrup/cayenne)

*1 plum

*Smoothie w/blueberries, blackberries, banana, kale, and tiny bit of raspberries

*sunflower seed dip (seeds, sun-dried tomato, red pepper, lemon juice, green onion, basil, oregano, parsley, pepper, olive oil, nutritional yeast) with red pepper strips and cucumber slices for dipping

*2 kiwi

*1 apple with LOTS of almond butter

store-bought chocolate and raisin raw bar

*Baby greens salad w/ carrot, grape tomato, clover sprouts, and ginger dressing

*a tiny little bit more sunflower seed dip w/ zucchini slices and carrots for dipping

Green tea

*raw "key lime pie" - made from avocado, lime juice/zest, coconut oil, agave nectar, macadamia nuts

I feel good about that^ even if its not 100% raw. The only things that weren't raw were the vibrant cleanse free sample packet, ginger dressing, green tea, and coconut oil, all of which I don't feel bad about. I did have plans to make my own dressing, but after using the food processor for the smoothie, seed dip, pie filling, and pie crust, I couldn't be bothered to use and clean it again.

A serious headache began to set in around 6 p.m. It still hasn't subsided, and I don't know what to make of it. I thought it may be caffeine withdrawals, but the green tea didn't help. The tea did satisfy my craving for something warm though, and was a much better choice than any of the bazillion foods that kept running through my head!!

ahhhhh this damn headache. I hope this doesn't last...

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My week of (mostly) raw eating: DAY 2

I made it through another day! I've already had my doubts about whether I can do this for a week, but I'm not giving up yet. I didn't keep track of what I ate today, so heres what I can remember:

*Raw "key lime pie" - avacado, lime, macadamia nuts, coconut oil, agave nectar

almonds and brazil nuts

*apple w/ almond butter

*salad of mixed greens, carrot, grape tomatoes, green onion

*sandwich from raw cafe made w/ dehydrated onion "bread", greens, sprouts, guac, cashew hummus

*GoRaw ginger snaps




I think theres more.. just can't recall.

Tomorrow I'm going to the store again and I'm definitely buy grapes, watermelon, seaweed salad (not sure if its raw), red pepper, some kind of seed to sprout, a raw dessert if they have any made! , and some kind of fresh veggie juice. Right now I'm craving something with ginger.

OH! and my alfalfa sprouts are full on sprouting!! They were yesterday, but I forgot to mention it. I think tomorrow or the next day they'll be ready for a salad!!!!! this is my first batch of sprouts, hence the excitement...

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DAY 4/7

I'm almost half-way through! I don't have time to update much now, because today and the next few days are all work days. If anyones reading, I'm still eating raw and feeling better each day!!

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Long time no update!

My raw week was semi-successful. I ate 90-95% raw the first couple days, and about 80% raw the last couple days. It was a LOT harder than I thought. Mainly because I had so much to do myself. I couldn't eat with my friends, boyfriend, or anything my mom made for lunch or dinner unless they wanted to eat my way, which most people don't.

Heres a summary of what I'm currently eating like:

Breakfast/morning time: Either some green colored vegetable (kale, broccoli, etc.) with an egg or two, a berry smoothie, or a good amount of fruit. Most the time I've chosen fruit.

main meals: LOTS of veggies! usually sauteed in evoo or evco or steamed. I almost always have squashes - zucchini, yellow, butternut, acorn - on hand. Also sweet potatoes, tomato, garlic and onion on everything, peppers, kale, broccoli. Of course I eat more than that but those are the most common. I eat most types of meat - fish, chicken, turkey, the occasional steak. I have been slow to add grains back into my diet, mainly because the more grains that take up my plate, the less veggies on it. The grains I do eat are quinoa and some local millet and flax products (like wraps and dinner rolls). I also reallly like black beans (esp. on those wraps I mentioned).

Snacks: I've been trying to add in raw foods throughout the day. For example, yesterday I snacked on red and yellow bell pepper slices dipped in hummus. I also made salsa from fresh tomatoes, garlic, onion, cilantro, lime juice, s+p, and a few other spices. Of course I can always grab a piece of fresh fruit. Right now watermelon and plums are reallllly good where I buy them.

A couple days a week I drink fresh juice like carrot + ginger juice, or kale + cilantro + carrot juice, or carrot + beet. All kinds of good combinations. Cilantro is my new favorite thing to add.

Also, I have only organic sour cream and cream cheese in my house. Sour cream is my most used dairy product so thats a good one to go organic on. Regular cheese..I just can't afford organic right now, so if I eat it its whatever my mom or boyfriend buy.

Of course a couple other things end up in my stomach every day. Theres always way more food that I shouldnt eat in my house than there is food that I should eat.

Today so far:


steamed broccoli and 1 egg fried in EVCO

Home-made salsa and tortilla chips

about to make a berry smoothie and pack some watermelon to snack on at work

edit: forgot to mention my SKIN. It is pretty damn CLEARRRR. no zits, still embarrassed by a bunch of red spots though and a few clogged pores that I'm not really sure what to do about or if thats even what they are.

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