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How to fade discoloration? (not really dark spots, just general discoloration)

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For some reason my acne gave me really discolored skin... there are no actual distinct "dark spots" that I would put a cream on top of... just discolored skin.

I'm of Pakistani descent so my skin is rather tannish. With this discoloration, it's like, brown in general, with darker brown kind of blended in throughout. I can't really explain it...

I know with hydroquinone creams, you're only supposed to apply it to the dark spot. But what do I do if my skin is like this? There aren't any distinct dark spots. :S

Routine: [recently started this. Around one week ago, on 7-24-10; but I love it so far]

Cleanse: I'm cleansing with Neutrogena's Acne Stress Control Power Foam Wash (0.5% salicylic acid)

Treat: I'm applying Neutrogana's 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment (2% salicylic acid) all over my face

Moisturize: Cetaphil moistuirzing lotion

Once in the morning, once at night.

I'm also going to add a toner once I'm fully clear and have been clear for a while, just because they remove makeup well. It'll probably be Alba's Hibiscus Toner, since it has no alcohol - I really like it.

Currently: Clear on my left cheek, chin, upper lip, and forehead. Three zits on my right cheek.[This is so much better than before. And it's only been a week; I definitely see clear skin in my near future] My skin isn't dry like it was when I was using BP all over it. It's hydrated, smooth, and healthy:)

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