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I recently read a post in another forum about using a 17% solution of salicylic acid from a corn and wart remover product on a hypertrophic (raised) scar. I am considering using this on a small raised scar I've had for about 10 years now. Kinda looks like a mini wart but is a hypertrophic scar.

I would just like to hear any advice that any of you may have or past experiences you have had using any acids or peels on hypetrophic scars before I do this.

I didn't post this in the hypetrophic subforum because no 1 reads that forum or posts there.

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I've moved this to the Hypertrophic Scar board. People do post and read here, and they best way to get this board a-movin' and a-shakin' is to utilize it! ; )

There's a pretty big difference between corns and warts and scars. Corns are dead skin, and warts are small tumors. Scars on the other hand, are living skin tissue.

You might actually damage your skin even further if you attempt to use wart/corn remover on your scar. I'd definitely recommend consulting your doctor before attempting this.

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I'm interested in this method, too (I read your other threads, ScarsRevil; though I realise you posted 2 years ago or so). My hypertrophic scar is at the back of my head.

I saw the Salicyclic Acid method suggested on another forum, and it's on here too as part of a treatment regimen: http://forum.owndoc....ertrophic-scars

They recommend application of Wart Remover once a week, along with needling (the thought of needling such sensitive skin makes me cringe!). Some other sites recommend using CPs in-between applications of Salicyclic Acid.

You seemed to get along well with just the Wart Remover, so I tried Bazuka Gel (UK) which has these ingredients:

12% Salicylic Acid w/w, Lactic Acid 4%. Also contains: Camphor, Pyroxylin, Ethanol and Ethyl Acetone.

I applied it 2 days ago and wow, did it ITCH for about half an hour after application. All seemed OK, till last night. Crazily itchy. Put some Savlon Antiseptic Cream on and now, Vaseline. Seems to have calmed down. No way would I put Wart Remover on every day, think this scar is putting up a fight!

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Hey, I'm new here.

I noticed a post by AcneRevil regarding hypertrophic scars. I found it on a Google search and it piqued my interest and wanted to learn more about ScarsRevil's experiment.

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