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studies and effects of birth control

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Background: F 23years

I've never been on birth control, but am thinking of getting on it. Included in some of the reasons I want to be on it is hoping that it will help clear up my skin.

I would be prescribed ocella, which is a generic form of yasmin. I've just been extremely hesitant to get on it due to the unknown factor of what would happen once I would decide to stop taking it. There's been people who after taking it for prolonged periods of time and stop acne flares up, etc, etc.

If I decide to take it I plan on taking it for a prolonged period of time (at least a few years).

My main concerns are:

1) In such a dependent world on a pill for everything am I really okay with being on outside hormones for such a large period of time?

2) What are the chances, statistics, that once I get off of it my skin would again flare up with acne? And why exactly does this happen? (I mean acne runs in my family until about 25years old so it would suck to just get off of it at say 28 and just have my skin full of acne just because of the pill)

3) I'm also quite hairier than your normal female what effect is this gonna have on hair when I start taking the pill and also when I stop?

If anyone knows of any studies that would shed some light on these questions I would much appreciated it. I know the disadvantages and advantages of birth control just from reading what other people have experienced but I would like to know the prevalence of such incidences. GAHHHH the question of is birth control worth it has been killing me.

about two months on current regimen:

cetaphil cleanser

cetaphil moisturizing cream

differin .03% gel

improving slowly

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