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Diet-Acne Study

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Hi, new here,

I was just investigating Accutane and how it effects your hormones and fell into this message board. I know this post is old but I wanted to put in some info from me, I am 16, took accutane 5 month regimin when I was 14-15. No one may ever read this but it is interesting to me and this is why I am reading all I can about it. Before I took accutane I had slight weight problem maybe 10-15 pounds over, very difficult to lose. I started my periods very young at 10 years old, the were heavy and painful. Very cystic acne. While I was on accutane I lost the weight with no problem, stopped having periods completely, and my acne cleared up to nothing at all. My lipids and all that improved very much. Only one thing bothered my DR., my fasting blood glucose was occasionally high. So now I have been off of the accutane over a year, I have gained the weight back and am having trouble getting it off, my acne is back (taking Keflex for it and some better but not great) Not sure about my lipids and all but I figure they are not as good as when on Accutane. My mom checked my blood sugar the other day and it was 301, 3 hours after eating. We have been keeping track of it and it has been occasionally high/ sometimes normal. My belief is that Accutane does affect your hormones. I think I am insulin resistant related and that the Accutane contolled it for the time I was on it. All the tests results in the world will not convince me otherwise. I am now starting a low carb diet because of my high blood sugar. I think the increase in insulin to try to control your blood sugar causes an in crease in androgens which in turn causes all my other symptoms. I have not been tested for PCOS but I think that will be the next thing. My first response was to get back on Accutane but my Dr. disagrees, hence the Keflex, and I know that I can't take Accutane forever to control my symptoms but it sure did make my life easier. It would be nice if they could create a form of it to control my symptoms that I could take foerever without the dryness side effects especially to my hair. Maybe that will be in the future but for now I will read and follow my diet until something better comes along. Thanks for listening . Catreena

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Anyone who thinks diet has no effect on the health of your skin should consider the following experiment. Eat lots of sugary food, and see what happens. I know for a fact, that will give me zits. If sugar doesn't give you zits, consider yourself very fortunate.

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I just want to say that i do agree that accutane affects hormones- when i got off it i had major night sweats for a while around the time of my period



1) wash with paula's choice normal to oily cleanser

2) Napca mist from twinlab or the one from nuskin and spray many times to get a good layer of moisture.

3)Avalon organics revitalizing eye gel

4)Cory Minerals (I've found that the secret to cory is to use ur brush to really swirl it around to grind the powder down even finer than it is and then to tap off the excess and start off with thin layers and build.) i also will take a concealer brush and dab it on certain areas that i need to cover up more thickly and then use a bronzer with a big bronzer brush to blend. ( i use estee lauder bronze goddess). i use bronzer all over and this seems to even out everything.

5)Aquaphor for lips.


1)Same PC N/O

2b)some nights I mask with aspirin mixed with milk of magnesia and nuetrogena clear pore cleanser mask in nose and chin area - to make mask i use a small spray bottle with distilled water that i always keep in my bathroom and i take about 8 aspirin in the palm of my hand and spray and mush with my fingers until it is a thick paste. i then add a drop of MOM and put a small amount of neut. clear pore cleanser mask. don't use mask every night.

3)Aubrey organics Vegecol toner

4)Spot treat w/ prosacea gel

5)same on eyes and lips as AM

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