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red spot won't go away, had it for weeks

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i'm 18 and male and basically i have a red spot on my cheek for several weeks now and it won't go away. i do get spots but most of the time they usually just go away by themselves (they do scar but that's another matter).

Anyway I've had this spot for 6 weeks now. It doesn't seem to go away and remains red in colour. Last week, I was a bit infuriated to why it didn't go away and squeezed it to see what would come out. Mostly sweat (transparent liquid) came out but also some white stuff (pus) and blood too.

It's strange because the size of the spot has gone down over time, but the spot hasn't disappeared and is still taking the same circumference as before. it's also still really red.

i' using duac cream, which I haven't really found to help much, so i was wondering does anyone know what I could do about it?

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