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Vitamin A

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Anyone heard of treating acne with vitamin a? Reccomended vitamin a is 5,000 iu To get acccutane effects ud need about 500,000 iu which is really dangerous but ive heard that taking from 20-40,000 iu can really help ones acne?

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I started "vitamin A" higher dosage today to get the sebum production down.

I take 4000 UI x 6 a day. thats a total of 24.000 UI

25.000 UI is the set level of saveness, > above that > you can experience stuff like thining hair.

better try the intake of 24.000 UI for 2 weeks to finaly see an affect. taking vitamin A to a acutane level is wayy to dangerous but this level wil surfice.

after seeing an effect you can try to ajust your level higher or lower depending on your body, some peeple can hande 50.000 UI but that is not adviceble to take longer than 4 mouths.

this level has been set by SOLGAR.

hope it helps ya. wink.gif

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Better to get Vitamin A through food -- it will absorb better and plus you get lots of other vitamins with it plus minerals..

If you want to overload on Vitamin A, overload on

Half Cup Serving


1. Carrots - 19,152 IU

2. Broccolli - 1083 IU

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