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Sudden Rosacea Breakout!!!

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About 2 days before New years eve, I noticed my face was very dry and flakey. I exfoliated and when I went to put moisturizer on my face; my forehead, cheeks and chin. My face then turned bright red and started burning. This happened everytime I applied moisturizer until New years eve when I noticed my face had these hard red plaques on them. They were visible through my studio fixx which is a very thick Mac foundation ( love it). Eventually they went down and were not visible anymore. The next day, my face seemed fine. When I woke up the morning after however, my face had tiny red patches and what looked like a rash. I was worried but it didnt look too bad. Maybe just an allergic reaction I thought. The next day I woke up to what looked like FULL BLOWN acne allover my chin cheeks and even some on my nose. I have never had acne or even pimples in my life until about a year ago I started getting these little tiny whiteheads around my chin and blackheads in the crease between my chin and mouth. The area had become more red then usual as welll. I just thought it was a but of horomones and didnt pay much attention. What I found out later was these were the warning signs of Rosacea. My eyes would also randomly get really bloodshoot and feel super dry (symptoms of ocular Rosacea). I went to see the doctor yesterday and they gave me metrocream for the breakout.

WOW... what a difference. I have been using it for not even two days and the breakout is 50% better. Its almost back to normal. The redness has reduced significantly as well as the swelling.

I also applied some of the cream to my chin area and the redness is going away there too. I have had redness around my nose since I was a teen and its going away there too!!

Maybe I should't get my hopes up, because this is a chronic skin condition for some people, and because I just started my journey with this disorder I dont really know where its going to take me. The doctors told me It would take weeks to clear up with the cream and I am almost back to normal after not even two days.

If you have a sudden breakout, lesions and swelling. Dont worry! Relax and go see a doctor. They will be able to help you! For those of you who are diagnosed with Rosacea. Good luck and Dont fret!!!


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