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Androcur/cyproterone acetate

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Hi ladies,

I need you help I'm debating on sprio or Androcure(cyproterone acetate).

I have severe acne and for many years I was on Accutane .about 9 months a go I started diane 35 but I had to stop it after only one month.I had adverse reaction to the pill.

now after six month I had to go back on accutane since I developed cyctic acne thanks to Diane

I was happy that finally my acne is getting better but hair started to derm told me that was because of BCP that I took and it will slow down by tiem.well that never happened and I feel my body hair and facial fuzz are getting darker.

so I 'mkind of worried.I keep thinking maybe mybody has gotten too sensitive to androgens.

I'm asking if anyone has ever used androcur with out diane or any other bcp.

I heard that it can mess up periods and that why it usually has to be taken with bcp

also anyone ever used both spiro and Androcur?I'm just too scared to choose between these two and my Dr is no help


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Where I live they use Androcur for irsutism/female adult acne

Male, 16.

My Epic Regimen

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