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Curcumin + Green tea extract paste

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Hi - try making a paste of curcumin and green tea extract and apply on pimples at night time.

Be ware the curcumin paste will stain skin and fabric and may not be able to wash off from fabric. Test a small amount on less prominent part of face first and see if you can wash off easily the next morning so that you don't have to go out with yellow stains on your face. For me it comes off easily during the morning shower when I use some face wash with exfoliating micro-beads.

Anyway - I bought Dr's Best Curcumin with Bioperine tablets from some website and Green tea extract. Mix the two capsules with something like vitamine e oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, whatever.. I don't think it matters too much what you mix them with. You can probably also add tea tree oil to the mixture, but the main ingredients in my opinion are the curcumin and green tea extract.

My green tea extract isn't very good, only 50% polyphenols. Find a good one with over 90% polyphenols and over 40% EGCG. I think Life Extensions makes one like that but I'm sure there are many more (and probably cheaper).

I apply this to red inflamed pimples on my forehead. I don't get white head so no idea if it works on that. I apply it at night and I notice significant improvement in the morning, probably over 50% and it's barely visible. Usually after 1-2 more nights of this the inflamed pimple is gone.

I only "discovered" this about 1-2 months ago and have tried only on 2-3 pimples so don't have a lot of data to give you, but it seems to make a big difference for me.

I took accutane over 1 yr ago which helped a lot but didn't cure me completely. My acne is now under control but not cured. I get 1-2 pimples per month but they are much smaller and go away faster than before. I find that using this paste makes them go away even faster.

Btw - I also take the curcumin and green tea capsules orally. You only need a few capsules of each to make a lot of paste which should last you a long time for spot treatment.

At the moment I mix capsule of each into those contact lens holders (yes, i make a small amt) with vit e oil. When you put on your face it should sort of become dry so next day you can scratch off with you finger nails gently.

Okay that's all the info I can think of. Hope this is helpful for some people. If anyone else tries this would be interested to hear the results.

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