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Food supplements

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I'm currently taking the following on a daily basis:

Evening Primose Oil

Vitamin C

Vitamin B6

Cod Liver Oil

And, even though this question isn't entirely acne-related, I guess there's no harm in me asking.

It says on the packaging for all of the above 'take with food'. I was just wondering (and I guess this could be pretty obvious, but I just wanted to make sure smile.gif ) - when it says take with food, does it mean to take them just *before* you eat, just *after* or midway through a meal?

And how much difference on the effect of them all would it make if I just took them at any given time during the day, with food or otherwise?

Thanks. smile.gif

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I think it has to do with your body's ability to absorb the vitamin. If you take vitamins on an empty stomach, especially water soluble ones then they pass too quickly in your urine. I take my vitamins after I eat, not before. It also decreases the likelihood of cramps/discomfort or heartburn that sometimes can occur. FYI, never lie down immediately after taking vitamins or especially antibiotics. I did once and had the worst heartburn for days sad.gif . Hope this helps. Good luck! biggrin.gif

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