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Finacea Klaron and AHA,

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Sorry in advance for the long post. I just wanted to give some background before I ask my question.

Ive had acne since I was 12. Im now 28 and growing ever frustrated. I believe my breakouts to be hormonal as when I go on the BCP they do clear up. However the side effects are too hard to live with and so I always have to stop. Ive tried BP, which worked well, but made me very red and irritated. I also worried about the health side effects of it.

After deciding to go the holistic route I had the worst summer ever. I started the summer by quitting Yaz, which together with Finacea was keeping me pretty clear. I started accupunture, and overhauled my diet big time. Cut out all sugar, and processed food. started eating lots of veggies, beans etc. My skin went out of control. The finacea was doing nothing.

I saw my derm who gave me Klaron, I read the great reviews here, and was so excited but after 6 weeks it was still doing nothing. I decided to start using cetaphil gentle cleanser again, as I had really liked it in the past (I had switched to an organic cleanser which was fine when I was taking YAZ, ) The cetaphil worked well, and my skin tone improved.

The Klaron was not working that well, and I had some old Finacea around so I started doing Klanon in the morning, and Finacea at night. This started working well.

My breakouts were about 15% of what they had been. I wanted to deal with all the red marks so I ordered the AHA lotion from this site. I used it last night and it seems ok so far.

My question is - When should I use the AHA? Everyday? Can I use it at the same time as the Klaron or Finacea? I dont want to cut one of these out as they seem to be working well.

I want to use it but dont know when. Should I just use it as a mask, take it off then use finacea at night?

Any ideas would be great. Sorry for the long post.

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