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started doing meditation again.

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the B5 story goes that: coenzyme-a helps making anti stress hormones.

but people with acne have a lack or depletion in coenzyme-a (produced out of p-acid =B5) and the body turns the fatty acids (a type colesterol) into sebum = what we get infected, because we don't have fur and nature hygiene anymore.

so thats why people have experience in getting acne when they have stress.

and why people have a lot less acne when they got too much sleep.

my skin only gets oily when I'm at work or when I stay up too late, seriously.


so I started doing anti stress meditation again (feeling a lot better anyway).

I have done a lot of spiritual meditation some time ago but I did not believe in a higher form of lightness. I only believed in meditation to be a good way to concentrate on fighting tactics, calming emotions, getting an organized mind, and yes: the relieve stress

so I stopped because of the same reason people stop washing behind their ears.


if anybody is interested how I relieve my body from stress I will post it.

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[image removed by sigbot--see board rules] the same goes for acne and the girls who choose the guy's [image removed by sigbot--see board rules]

ps: I don't know cars, only girls... but you got the point.

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