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Hi everyone,

I was perusing the natural health section of The Sunday Times recently, and came across a section where a reader had written in asking about natural treatments for acne. The collum, by Susan Clark is often extremely interesting, and in her response, Susan mentioned a couple of treatments that I had never heard of before, which sound promising. I was wondering if anyone has tried the methods that she mentioned?

Here's the link to Susan's website:

and to the article: adult acne article

Here's the article in full in case you can't be bothered to click! wink.gif

20 Jun 2004: Inexpensive acne products

I know you have written a lot about adult acne before but I am a student and cannot afford expensive products. That said, my skin is ruining my social life and I don’t want to keep using heavy-duty antibiotic creams.

P. Duthie, Glasgow

You won’t have to spend a fortune to clear your skin but what you will need to do is treat it from the inside out, and, at the same time, use a topical antibacterial cream to tackle the outbreaks you can see when you look in the mirror.

Tejaswini is an excellent Ayurvedic (Indian) formulation combining 10 different herbs to help “purify� the blood and clear circulating toxins, which contribute to skin complaints. One of these herbs is triphala, which is probably the best of the natural remedies for clearing toxins from the gut which have been linked with acne disorders in both adults and teenagers.

For the outside, you need ActivClear, another natural formulation, which includes antibacterial tea tree oil plus zinc, which is crucial for both healthy skin and immune function. Tea tree oil, which has an antibacterial action five times stronger than any household detergent, is still gentle enough to use on the skin and linking these two remedies will not only work fast to clear the outbreaks that are troubling you but will help tackle the underlying hidden causes, including hormone imbalances.

You can mail order both these products from Victoria Health (0800 413596). Tejaswini costs just £9.99 for 30 capsules and although the packet tells you to take 1-3 capsules a day with milk, (taking remedies with milk is traditional in Ayurvedic medicine) it will still be effective if you prefer to take it with water. ActivClear, made by Nutrica, is just £7.95 for a 15g tube of cream which you use morning and night as part of your normal skincare regimen. It does smell strongly of tea tree but this is well worth tolerating for the impact it will have on troubled skin.

Has anyone ever tried Tejaswini? Even if it doesn't work to clear acne, it sounds like it could be useful for use alongside liver and colon flushes...

I'll do some research on the net and get back to you.

By the way, here is theAcne section of Susan's site

Some of the information there is quite useful.

If anyone has any experience of the treatments Susan advocates it would be interesting,

Take Care,



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Haha! I hadn't realised that someone else did a post on this last week :doh: (shouldn't have searched AFTER posting!) Oh well, some of the links I posted weren't in the first article.

Sorry about that!


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Style magazine eh' Ross tongue.gif :wink:

Sounds interesting though, report back with your findings! (Mrs Mills bit's quite funny usually too biggrin.gif)

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