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Nanotechnology treatment targeting sebaceous gland

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"NanoBio's NanoStatâ„¢ acne treatment, NB-003, uniquely penetrates the skin and enters epidermal tissues targeting the pilosebaceous units (an oil producing gland connected to a hair follicle) resulting in effective delivery of the nanoemulsion droplets to the site of infection. These droplets disrupt the P. acnes and are cidal on contact"

There some nice pix/illustrations on the site demontrating the purported effect of this new "wonder" acne killer.

I'll be interested in the results when they finish the clinical trials. Their site suggests that this treatment can be used with other anti acne medications to increase the effectiveness. I guess if you used NanoStat with the Isolaz Profusion system you could suck out the gunk from the sebaceous gland, zap it with light and deliver an ultra potent topical. The combination might be overkill, but is there ever such a thing when it comes to acne?

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