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Found an awesome tasting snack food that meets all acne diet criteria

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Alright, Ive been living off of oatmeal and fruits and some dark chocolate as my only carb craving foods. I mean I cant have anything high ghycemic, or containing Wheat/Dairy/hydrogenated oil, so its just tough. Anyways I found these snack bars at safeway called Odwalla nourishing food bar.

Now they have a variety of snack bars, and they all are free of wheat/dairy/hydrogenated oil/and refined sugar. One of the bars in particular, the Chewy Nut Bar Sweet & Salty Almond only contains 16 carbs, and is definately low-glycemic, and taste INCREDIBLE. It taste like something you would expect to break out from, its that damn good haha. Finally a little something to enjoy during a movie etc. Check them out you guys.

Oh yeah, they were normaly $1.59 per bar but they were on sale for $1 each, for a 1.6 oz bar, so they won't burn your pockets.

Sl0w-M0tion is better than N0-M0tion

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