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I'm currently takin 50 mg. I think that's a pretty safe dosage but some people take 30mg, but which ever you choose DO NOT take 100mg.

I've been taking this for a month with no results. Hopefully it'll work well for you

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It is definitely safe to take 50mg. There was even a study done with people taking 100mg for over a year and they were fine as well.

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To be safe I'd say under 50mg. I take 45mg, because it comes in 15mg tablets.

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And is it SAFE to take 50mg to 100mg of Zinc in the long term??

It's safER if you are getting regular checkups like the people

in the study that took 100mg/day for a year. Most people are

probably safe but, for example, if you were drinking water every

day from pipes that leach zinc and stacking 100mg/day on top

of that, that could be a good way to significantly drop your white

blood cell count and cause other problems.


The only way zinc significantly affects acne is when it

takes the form of zinc superoxide dismutase (ZSOD), which requires

a normal melatonin cycle to produce in the quantities and

rhythm that evolution intended. Melatonin is what stimulates

cells to produce significant quantities of superoxide dismutase

for the zinc to use. Having a normal melatonin

cycle is not something modern people can do very easily.

(Though it's hard for acne-free primitive peoples without

electricity to *avoid* having a normal melatonin cycle.)

It requires:

a) sleeping in total darkness at the same time every night.

b) living in sunlight all day long, not artificial light; suppressing melatonin

during the day is as important as not suppressing it at night.

c) dropping caffeine, which screws up the melatonin cycle

as well as depleting zinc.

If you have meat in your diet, you should get enough zinc to

make all the ZSOD you need -- if you had a normal melatonin

cycle (which virtually nobody living with/near electricity does).

I think impaired zinc metabolism is the root cause of chronic acne.

A Zinc Regimen. | My crappy blog.

"When you believe in things that you don't understand, then you suffer -- superstition ain't the way" -- S. Wonder

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I take 50mg zing that I purchased from Vitamin Shoppe for like 6 bucks. I feel like it did somewhat clear me up but I dont recommend taking it for longer then a month especially if you are anemic. I did definitly see results, and I think its especially good for homronal acne.

when you feel like giving up ;;

just remember why you held `'

on for so long in the first place

P L U R <333

Peace Love Unity Respect

DO IT!!!!

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