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francesco fiora

raw garlic

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whats teh best way to take the raw garlic and when is the best time. also, what exactly does it do to you, is it an antioxidant?? thanks a bunch.

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Boil some corn and cut the corn off the cob with a good sharp knife, add crushed raw garlic and olive oil or avocado oil.

Add crushed raw garlic to the mustard in a turkey sandwich.

Eat half an avocado with a little crushed garlic in each bite.

Use crushed garlic inside a chicken quasadia. Serve with garlic flavored gaucamole.

Make a stir fry with lots of colored veggies and some crushed garlic, serve over brown rice. Top with slightly browned sliced almonds. Add just a touch of soy sauce or teriaki.

Add garlic to spagettii, ravioli, tortelini, or just about any pasta.

Add garlic to chocolate ice cream... wait, maybe not

Darnit... I was about to go to bed but now I need something to eat.

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