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Hey folks!

I have been dealing with acne for a really long time, since the beginning of high school. Man, what a rodeo it has been in my life. I have done and tried everything out there to help it. I did all the docicylines, tetracyclines, and all the topical treatments. It finally got so bad that i did the whole accutane thingy.

My advise: It is very important that you take showers and stay clean as often as you can. Especially after working out, you gotta shower. You should also blow dry your hair after the shower, your hair doesnt get greasy as fast, and it can keep your face clearer. Also, ive found that changing pillow cases and having clean sheets helps out a ton.

Also, check with your doctor to see if you have hormonal problems. I have recently discovered that i have more male hormones (androgen) than is normal. This is a huge factor in my acne, i wish i could have figured it out earlier. There are birth control pills out there, namely jasmine, that has very low amounts of androgen hormones in them, and can help with acne.

I've tried every cleanser out there, and my dermatologist told me that Cetaphil cleanser is among the best out there. It has no perfumes or additives or anything like that, that many other products out there have. It is gentle on your skin. I used to think that cleansers like apricot scrub would be good with acne, as you are scrubbing off cells and making your skin produce new ones. However, my dermatologist told me that doing so has adverse effects, that your skin needs gentle treatment to repair it best.

Currently, my acne has subsided almost completely. I am now looking for treatments out there to help with the scarring from it. I just read a post that said that ex accutane users can be more suseptable to scarring, and i am going to research that further. So if anyone out there is considering accutane, research the scarring part too.

I guess that this is just my two cents on acne. hope it helps, rolleyes.gif

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