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Popped pimple got infected

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if you can get some topical antibiotics... or try using diluted vinegar as toner.... vinegar kills bacsteria... and dont ever touch it with your fingers ever again.

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I thought neosporin was for the prevention of infection?? We're waaay past prevention here...

I thought Neosporin aids in healing wounds and preventing infection. I had a popped pimple like this a few weeks ago...used Neosporin and it cleared it right scarring.

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vinegar is incredibly acidic.. it has a pH rating of like 2 or 3. I would not put that on my face.

Even if your pimple is infected, putting antibiotic ointment on it will help it to heal. Put polysporin or neosporin on it.

My Regimen:


- wash face with LUSH Fresh Farmacy cleanser

- LUSH Eau Roma Water as toner

- SkinCeuticals Ultimate UV Defense SPF30


- Wash with Murad Cleanser and/or LUSH Fresh Farmacy

- tone with LUSH Eau Roma Water

- apply 2.5% BP generously or SkinCeuticals Retinol 0.5

- LUSH Enzymion moisturizer


- LUSH Angels on Bare Skin or

- Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Facial Peel

Makeup (used occasionally):

- Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation (Popcorn)

- Silk Naturals Climax or Flirt blush

- Silk Naturals Perfecting powder

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