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My success story :)

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Hey Guys,

I love this site! Its turned my life around and I can actually go out in the street again with a new lease of life and confidence, yay :) Just thought id join and let you know how i cleared up the majority of my face using the tips on, not saying this will work for everyone but this is just my own personal exp. acne still not fully gone away but 90% of the way there...!

After ajusting diet i can say that i firmly believe the two have somewhat of a connection and while diet alone will not cure your acne or prevent breakouts, it definitely helps! I also believe in the ''inside out approach'', you are what you eat.

Over a 6 week period.....

On the outside

Clearasil Ultra Deep Pore Clensing Scrub, left on for 10 mins gently rubbed onto skin while in the shower and allowed a good 5 mins to wash off, pat face gently .

B.Peroxide 5% and 10% (I rotate them each week)

Stopped touching my face

Washed hair twice daily

On the inside

EyeQ Omega3/6 Tablets (with natural vitamin E)

Plenty of herbal tea (esp Green Tea & Roobios/Red tea)

Skin, Hair & Nails formula* - 1 daily

Zinc 15mg with 1mg Copper* - 1 daily

Odorless Garlic 500mg Capsules* - 1 daily

Echinacea, about 10 drops with my orange juice daily

Burdock Root 500mg tablet* - 1 daily

Plenty of fruit and veg

Lots of water

Dr Stuarts Purifying Teabags (i only have one occasionaly as they are quite expensive, 3.29 euro for one pack of 20 teabags!)

I can honestly say that if you persevere with it on a daily basis, limit your crappy food intake and drink plenty of liquid, your acne will not disappear overnight, but it becomes more manageable and under control with a little bit of time, patience and good thinking!

*I live in Ireland, got all of the natural supplements from holland & barret

Best of luck everyone :)

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