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products to improve clear skin?

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well I stoped eating moast processed foods and diary.

I really feel cutting down diary helps a lot. =D>

never eaten sweet stuff with sugar for years allready, but I can beleve it helps some people to cut it out of their diet to prevent acne.

however the stuff I come across,,, are all products to get acne but are there any products what improve clear skin? :-k

like lemon?

:: what would you buy? ::

1 - the ugly colored and graved with bird shit all over it, but Porsche/Lamborgini shaped car what could take you like a jet plane?

2 - or the amazing static red colored shiny, with the green glow under the car but is shaped like a lame cube where old folks drive in?

[image removed by sigbot--see board rules] the same goes for acne and the girls who choose the guy's [image removed by sigbot--see board rules]

ps: I don't know cars, only girls... but you got the point.

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