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Whoa, okay...need a lot of help.

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First off, I want to say that Maya is really a good person. I have been reading posts for the last few hours and shes extremely helpful. Anyways, I am very interested in Liver/Gallblatter cleansing. I read through everything and I am sooooooo lost you dont understand. I dont even know where to begin. If someone could help me with this whole process in dumbass terms I would really appreciate it. All the "ingredients" needed are things I have never heard of and have no idea where to obtain them. I really need to do this, I am sick very often, always fatigued, have bad acne, and poor healing.

Also, I just washed my face and had a zit pop. A big one. It looks like I am going to get a scar from this one. I was wondering what I can do to tighten the skin up. Its got like a hole in the middle where it popped and I really dont think it is going to close up correctly. I am in desperate need of help as you can all see. Thanks in advance.

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