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My dieting experience

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Honestly, I don't think going on a specific or controlled diet for acne is effective. I personally went on a strict diet for approximately 8 months and *THOUGHT* I was seeing significant results. Just the other week, I indulged in foods I typically would not consume (whilst on the diet). These being: chinese food (dripping in oil), white bread/pasta and several others, which I cannot list off the top of my head at this moment. After eating these specific foods, I noticed NO CHANGE in my skin complexion as far as acne goes. I was angry that I had wasted so much time eating mal tasting food which I thought was helping my acne, but at the same time happy that I could indulge in a variety of tasty foods and it would not effect my acne. Today, the one food ingredient that I notice to aggravate acne significantly is excessive amounts of sugar, prevalent in candy, fruit and chocolate. I would also like to add that SEVERAL GLASSES OF WATER per day helps my acne VERY significantly. I recommend drinking 8-10glasses PER DAY.

I have a log of my diet if anyone is interested, I think it suggests specific foods which I avoided or ate. Let me know,


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