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Hey, I was at the Derm the other day to ask about my red marks. He told me they would take around 9-12 months to go away. I'm thinking about getting laser soon cause I can't deal with looking like this anymore.

But anyway, He said to me that some people have put Afrin(the nose spray) on their red marks and rubbed it in the lighten the marks up. Well I went home and I happend to have some so I squirted some in a finger and applyed it to my face. I didn't notice anything right away, but when I looked in the mirror about 20 minutes later, my marks were definitly lighter. Not near where I want them to be, but they were a bit lighter. You could see the skin around my redmarks that i must have got some afrin on, had turned whitish.

So anyway, you guys should try this out if you're looking to lighten them up a little.

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Visine works the same way - may be cheaper and less likely to clog pores. They are vascular constrictors - shrink the blood vessels causing the redness. Unfortunately, the effect is temporary.

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