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Liver Flush/Body Detox/h2o cleanse/Master Cleanse

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I've heard these names as well as a few others thrown out (intestinal/ colon cleanse, etc.)

Are they all different names for essentially the same thing?

Or do they each serve their own specific purpose?

I am reading that a detox/cleanse/flush + a period of fasting is a great way to clean the insides of your body.

Could anyone shed some light as to how to go about starting this.

How long does one go on these?

How frequently should these be done?

In what order should they be done?

ANY Info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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They're not the same thing, but relatively similar. They're all good for your body! Body detoxing is, sadly, no longer part of mainstream health care or knowledge. The best source of information on these topics is here:

Liver flushing - What many of us are doing now to expel gallstones from our liver/gallbladder

Body Detox - Any kind of detox that will clean out your system. Fasting, juice fasting, water fasting, lemon water fasting, Body detox box sets you can buy in health food stores, etc.

H20 Cleanse - Water fasting. Where you ONLY drink water! Gives your digestive system a rest.

Master Cleanse - A series of different things you do for fasting. Not easy to do, but effective. Lasts anywhere between 3-10-30 days.

My sister and my girlfriend are currently fasting. Spring is the best time to start! Again, read more in the above link. You're bound to get more information there than on this acne board. Plus, they have hundreds of dedicated forums to the topics you're likely seeking. Hope that helps!

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I go back and forth all the forums @ curezone.

Its like a labyrinth there every thread or article leading to something else which takes you back to where you started. Leaves you with more questions than answers.

I have my reservations considering the GI of maple syrup. (I follow perricone's anti-aging diet with success.)

About Juice fasting, Master Cleanse, and Water fasting.

My goals right now are (in order) Water retention (edema) issues (1st), Body Detoxification (Close 2nd), Weight Loss (3rd)

Do the Juice fasting, Master Cleanse, and Water fasting all achieve the same results? Can they? Are they all different means to achieve the same result?

Which would be best for MY goals? Which is best for a 1st time cleanser? (It is my 1st time cleansing/ detoxing EVER)

Is it possible to do a hybrid fast / detox of the three?

should i do a liver flush 1st or a bowel flush before that?

It is all so very confusing with no clear cut instructions. Please help.

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