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guggul extract for acne and maybe even for Dr. P's Acne pres

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i've been reading a bunch on guggulipid for lowering triglycerides and raising good levels of cholesterol as well as promoting higher metabolism. since P. acnes feeds on triglycerides and breaks it down into free fatty acids and glycerol, both which induce inflammatory response and causes acne. since Dr. P says that even whiteheads and blackheads are actually caused by inflammation this might be something to consider as an extra supplement in his regimen. there have been studies done at University of Texas Southwestern and, though i'm biased since i live in Texas and know this school, i think they are very legit. they're a research based med school and is one of the best schools in Texas.

you can buy guggul on: (there are others but this is the only site i've looked at)

and get more info on guggul (as wells as B5 and fish oils) on:

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