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Are oil blotting sheets good for the skin?

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Does anyone know if oil blotting sheets are good for the skin? I have extremely oily skin that makes it look shiny and wet. my skin gets very oil after some hours. if i use the sheets once a day when my skin is very oily, is this bad for my skin or no? thanks in advance

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oil plotting papers have nothing bad in them to make your skin bad.

if anything, theyre a great invention.

i personally love them.

dont worry!

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I always carry them around in my bag for just in case moments.


Lots of fruits and veggies

Fish, turkey,chicken & red meat

Drink @ least 3 Liters of water daily


Fish Oil 1000 mg 3x a day

B-Complex once daily

Acidophilus once daily

Zinc 50 mg daily


On Dan's Regimen:


Rinse face with water


Wash face with Cetaphil

BP 2.4%

Apply Neutrogena Healthy Skin Moisturizer w/ AHA


3-4x a week

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I need oil blotting sheets or else I'll look yucky.

My face is so oily you'll actually see tiny oil droplets on em. And oh my god those poor oil blotting sheets they get so saturated with oil it's unbelievable.

Their fine just as long you don't go and shove your face with it. Gentle is key.



Not using any products (some dabs of bp when needed). just wash with water and that's it. havent had pustules and inflamed lesions for a while now since starting.

still have clogged pores but that's it. vast improvement!


Running twice/thrice a week

At least 3 L of water per day

A balanced Diet. Lots of Veggies. Limited Sugar. Limited Dairy.

Just living life, trying to enjoy myself. Trying not to think about skin anymore. I've realized that this too shall pass and im just going with the flow. Everything's what i make it. Cheers

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