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Accutane Before, During, After Pictures

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I was looking through the gallery and I couldn't really find what I was looking for. I either found people just starting their accutane treatment and have one or a few pictures with no progress or people who have already finished but just have pictures of themselves after accutane (clear skin). I googled it as well. Not much came out of that.

So, can someone send me any links or pictures that show progress throughout the entire course?

I just want to see how everyone has progressed. Because before accutane my acne was mild but now (day 80) it seems like my face was worse than when it started. It might just be the red marks making me look worse because they are brown and splotchy, but I'm still breaking out it little pimples in clusters. Everytime I think it looks better, I break out again. I just need some encouragement. It just sucks that I keep reading how people clear up during the 3rd month and I didn't and my acne was never severe.

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