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I still haven't got my diet going, since i wrote the above on the 9th July my diet has remained horrible. I always seem to cheat as i'm always hungry, i absolutely pound the fruits but it just doesn't satisfy me. Fats usually break me out but i may have to start adding some in, i'm thinking eggs and olive oil could be a starters to see how i go with them. I may start having omelettes as well to see if they can keep me full. I also plan on avoiding broccoli and cauliflower for now, these are supposedly hard to digest and my digestion is real bad so it makes sense to avoid these for now. The plan at the moment is the following....

-Lots of fruits (Papayas, watermelons, honeydew melons, strawberries, kiwis, grapes etc)

-Vegetables (Spinach, romaince lettuce, sweet potatoes, cucumber etc)

-Seafood (Cod, shrimps, prawns, crab meat etc)

-Meat (I'm only thinking chicken at the moment)

-Plus the extras of eggs and olive oil

I must update this everyday as i know it will help keep me going and sticking to the diet. I allow myself to cheat so easily so i am somehow going to have to fight this. I think if i can get through a couple of days i'm sure the cravings will fade away. Here's hoping anyway, if i can really stick to it i hope my digestion will then start to improve.

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I don't know how its been going for you now... but I've spent my whole summer researching acne and I believe taking as much fruit as you sort of mentioned to could worsen your acne. It would do that because of the high sugar content in fruits. Even though fruits have naturally occurring sugar it will still feed a candida infection (which acne sufferers seem to always have). Candida, which you can Google search, is a bad bacteria that lives in your gut and thrives off sugar. Scary right?

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