bumps with clear fluid that dont pop?

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These.... are cysts. Cysts don't always come to a head. Mine don't. They're deep undergrounders that take probably 3 weeks to go away from start to end, and 9 times outta 10 it leaves an indented crater mark.

I'm going to tell you, and everyone else on this forum the magical product to zap these suckers virtually immediately. Nope, it's not sulfur, it's not a mud mask, it's not ACV, BP, not a medication, not honey, not a cold pack, not a lancer.


I have suffered from these things for the past 8 years and I have tons of scarring from them. They have ruined my face, and only YESTERDAY did I stumble upon Prid. It's a homeopathic drawing salve. I'm not sure what I was expecting with it, but when I tell you it worked a legit miracle, it really did. You're supposed to wash your face, and put a layer of this stuff on and then a band aid on top. I had a massive one on my chin yesterday, I slept with Prid on overnight and today the cyst is GONE. My skin is completely flat. Whatever is in this salve, drew all the liquid right up and out. I have a very angry red mark, the skin is not clear, it's almost like the cyst is angry that it was combated and is trying it's best to still be a pain in the ass on my face but the nodule under the skin is gone and best of all? It didn't leave an indented crater behind.

It was oozing a little bit this morning (the clear fluid) but I used a styptic pencil and it stopped it in 10 seconds.

Get it here:


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Hello fellow friends. I to have these crazy, painful blemish and yes I pop them for pain relief. But, the clear sticky fingers is a NIGHTMARE!!! THE SCARING IS HORRIBLE. I TESTED POSITIVE FOR MRSA BUT THE INFECTIOUS DISEASE DOC, DID NOTHING. SOMEONE HAS TO KNOW MORE INFO AND A CURE. HELP....................

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I had one of these "pimples". I used eucalyptus essential oil 2 times a day for 3 or 4 days. After day 2 the inflammation was done and now after about 5 days it does not hardly hurt. Check out for more information.

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I am so sorry to read about all you fellow sufferers. I have had these deep, serous fluid filled "pimples" that almost never come to the surface for a decade.

i thought that they might have been associated with a MSRA abscess that I had just before these little suckers began to plague my life.  I tested negative for staph bacteria, and several antibiotic trials had no effect.

one thing that did bring on outbreaks was the steroid injections I periodically received for my spine. Two to four days after the shots, I would break out in all the usual places ...chin under the sides of the mouth, temples, and especially the back of the neck. 

These would take typically a month to heal, just in time for my next injection.  Even with no shots,  I never had completely clear skin--there were always scabs or  incipient swellings.  Even the smallest bump never failed to fully develop.

the good news is this:  about six weeks ago, I started taking 50 mg zinc gluconate for tinnitus. After about a  week, I noticed no new bumps. Two weeks, even better. For the first time, my face was clearing. A month and it is as if I never had a problem, except for a little redness and a few small scars.

So I slacked off on the zinc, and they came back with a vengeance.  So I have experimented a bit--zinc on,  zits off. A week or five days without, and the bumps are back.

I am 58 years old. Menopause came and went during the decade of dimpled fluid filled bumps, with no discernable effect. I had some teenage acne, but it had cleared by age twenty.

perhaps some of you will try zinc. I pray it will help. 

The cause must be metabolic, since the bumps arise deep within the skin,with no relationship with any pores that I can see.

Good luck to all.

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Well then, here is my contribution to this thread. (After seeing it for years).

Okay so here's how it goes these cycles of these ''things''.

They usually appear in the following areas: Face (not the eyeslids or on my lips), scalp, shoulders, upper arms, back, chest. Very rarily a random other place on my body. But it does happen. usually they seem extra bloody there,

When I get them, i usually get a shitload of them around the same time.

The area first turns red. If I'm lucky, sometimes in my beard area I can pop them right away, and a white head shoots out. keyword shoots. Then blood, some liquid and the blood takes a long time to stop. I notices they are highly contagious, so for example, if I squeeze one out, and touch another place, others will form quick.

 They form very very fast. Outta nowhere i have a bump, suddenly filled with that clear liquid, or sometimes with an extreme amount of "white head'' material in it. I call these myself, mutated pores. That outta nowhere just seem to mutate and fill up. Within an hour they can go from, nothing there to ''mountain''filled things, with clear liquid. and sometimes before or after after the liquid a, little worm of white head material comes out, well sometimes huge. Sometimes they however, are impossible to squeeze. 
What I also noticed is that 90% of the time, when you do get to squeeze out that tiniest little bead of ''white head material'' they dissapear and heal rapidly. However when I don't get to the ''core'' of these bastard things, they turn into sdmall leaky little wounds by themselves.

Usually they turn into little weeping wounds for awhile that dont seem to heal, but when they do after a few days the skin turns dark, and eventually peels off. But some of these spots are STILL dark, years later. 

Sometimes they refill the next day. Another final good squeeze and some new white ehad material may pop out. ANd that often seems to do the trick. They go flat, the swelling goes down and they heal.

These things are incredibly painful!!  I've had them trigger migraines. Especially when I get them under my eyebrows, or above my nose. 

I just popped another huge bastard. It was unpoppable all day, all that came out was liquid. I drained it so often that i damaged my skin. No way there was a whitehead in there.But finally a burst of whithead material popped out, thats the thing. its NOT pus. What comes out is, almost rubbery like even. That rubbery wurm that eventually came out, truly was not there earlier today. It forms extremely fast. It's removed now a, and it's now reducing in size and flattening by itself. It may now turn into a leaky little wound for awhile, or will start healing sooner. It varies.

It'sdriving me crazy and I've had them since 2012. Interestingly. This is the first time I got fibromyalgia symptons. And I can feel nervepains around the same time these bastards liquid pimple things start arriving.

I will post some pictures next time. To show the process of them.  I'm usually an expert googler. So annoyed I can't seem to get to the bottom of this.

I literally never get or had other skin problems. I can probably count the times I had a normal pimple on 2 hands. Antibiotics or antiviral creams do not seem to help. I just dont get it. These things leave awful scars!

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I’m pretty sure that the weepy lumps people are talking about is part of rosacea. I’ve always called them ‘oil wells’ for lack of a better term. 

Metrogel, the brand name for Metronidazole, has been the only thing to really put a dent in these things for me. It seems to just dry the thing out by sucking out the clear stuff. This is an antibiotic that you only apply to the lumps, so one toothpaste sized tube has lasted me 2 years. I put just enough to cover the lump, let it dry for a couple of minutes, and go to bed. By morning it is the size of a normal pimple and a day later all but gone. It is a prescription only which is a pain but totally worth it. 

This is is an antibiotic so I use it sparingly. I don’t use it on regular pimples but I guess you could if you wanted to. 

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I have been searching for an answer for these for so long as well, but not matter how hard I search I can't find a name. I feel like it is misdiagnosed as cystic acne (and other things ) so much that most sufferers assume there is a "name" for this acne out there and spend all their time searching for it instead of advocating for research to find out what the REAL cause of this unknown acne is.

Other than on forums, there is no reading or research material on this acne out there even though it seems like so many people suffer from it. I think the only way we are going to find answers is if we all band together and start advocating for ourselves and trying to find medical professionals willing to help us in our search. 

If anyone would like to join me, I'm going to make a group to start gathering people and hopeful reaching out to some medical professionals to see what I can do about advocating for trying to find a finally finding a real DIAGNOSIS. Email me at [censored] and I can add you to the Facebook group. 

I agree with some of the posts that 
1. Mine gets worse when I eat gluten 
2. It gets significant worse if I'm not drinking TONS of water every day 
3. Doxycyline & Topicals didnt help 


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There are multiple different conditions described here. But for those who have very hard very deep lumps on their face around the jawline - I suffered from these for years. They are very painful and very obvious and never come to a head and take a good month to six weeks to subside - mine were hormonal and a bit of an over active immune response. They were also part of a more general collection of skin problems from too much oil production and certain types of naturally residing skin bacteria. I had at least one or two always present from my mid teens throgh to my late twenties when I consulted a dermatologist. 

All of you on this thread, go see a dermatologist. There is no magic pill or blend of exotic ingredients that will solve them. If anyone tries to tell you about this magic product or homeopathic bullet - they are almost always trying to sell you something or have fallen for a scam themselves.

Getting rid of one that has already formed gets you no where. More will already be forming. You need to treat the causes that leads to their on going formation and this will require individual consultation and prescription medicines.

In my case one course of accutane reduced oil production and skin residing bacteria enough that I’ve not had a single one in ten years.

My doctor at the time warned me that as my skin changed through my life I might find I needed to do another course.

So those of you who have already been on accutane - GO BACK to the doctor who prescribed it.


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