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Neutrogena T/Gel and T/Sal--great for the scalp; great for acne!

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Hi all. Began using Neutrogena T/Gel (coal tar shampoo) and T/Sal (3% salicylic acid shampoo)alternately to help with dandruff and overall seborreic dermatitis that I've recently been plagued with. The derm confirmed these issues, as well as prescribed some stuff for itch and a prescripition shampoo.

Before my appt. I began self-treating with these 2 Neutrogena products, after doing a little research on-line. The itch had gotten really bad, and at first I thought I was allergic to BP and halted use until I figured out it wasn't the BP. Anyway, I noticed that my noninflammed acne also responded really well to coal tar extract and salicylic acid. I've been using both shampoos in place of my face cleanser a few times a week, and find their active ingredients great for clearing up whiteheads, sebum, and clogged pores, and have even used as a body wash and foot wash with great results. I figured out that the same microorganisms that are causing my scalp, neck, and ears to itch are also causing my foot itch and body eczema I experience off and on, so I decided to try using all over :idea: and it's been working great.

Anyone else using these products or had similar experiences with coal tar extract or salicylic acid? Any good face cleansers containing these ingredients you could recommend? Despite the great results I'm a little wary of using shampoo to wash my face, in case there are ingredients that could be too drying for facial use, but so far they feel as good as using Dan's cleanser. :)

BTW, coal tar extract has anti-inflammatory properties and is noncomedogenic! :D (Called Neutrogena to confirm.)


"As always, take what works for you and your skin and leave the rest."

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